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Your Unique Buying Advantage; and How to Use it to Skyrocket your Store's Sales

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

If you read marketing books; almost any marketing book, it will talk about your USP or Unique Selling Proposition. This is the one thing that the customer sees that sets you apart from your competition. Usually this is a Huge Promise of some sort.

The most well known example is this; €œFresh hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or it's free. That promise propelled Domino Pizza to world pizza dominance. Notice it didn't say €œWorld's Greatest Pizza.

The secret is in knowing what customers really want. In delivered pizza it wasn't low price, lots of toppings, a catchy jingle, or even a good pizza. It was €œFresh hot pizza delivered fast. There was even a guarantee at the end.

€œOr it's Free, is one of the best uses of a guarantee in an ad, an ad headline, or a Unique Selling Proposition.

Why do I prefer the term €œUnique Buying Advantage? Because we should always concentrate on what the customer wants to buy, not what we think they ought to buy.

Now, this is not the same as a €œMission Statement. A Mission Statement is about what you are trying to do in your business. Another topic for another newsletter.

Your Unique Buying Advantage is why the customer should buy from you rather than every other alternative. Your UBA should be so persuasive that your customer (from their point-of-view) would have to be brain dead to even consider buying from someone else.

Your UBA must:

1) Instantly tell people the benefit of buying from you.
2) Be Specific
3) Be Concise
4) Cause the customer to say €œWow. How do they do that?

Customers should have to think about what you do. There should be no guessing.

Here are some bad examples of a UBA;

€œJust do it!

€œWe try harder

€œWhere's the beef?

€œWe really care

These are bad because they aren't specific. Nobody reads these & says €œWow! I want that.

If your message shows a strong buying advantage, your price will be secondary.

Claude's law - €œIf you have no Unique Buying Advantage, the customer will be forced to buy based on price.

Your UBA can be made into a headline for your ads. It can even become your company name€¦.

Cheryl & I recently had new floors put in our kitchen and dining room. The company that did it is called

How's that for a name?! The benefit of buying from them is in their name.

What they do is in their name.

Why do people call this company? They want the work done fast.

3 days is fast for a new kitchen or bathroom.

Nobody calls these guys because they want the lowest price. I know I didn'. They built a library full of birch bookcases and a kitchen-dining room floor in two days.

Their work was excellent.

I gave them a tad over $12,000.

I could have had my brother-in-law do it over a month for less that half.

I bought speed.

Printers have a saying €œQuality-Speed-Price; Pick any two.

Some customers will pay a premium price for speed or quality. Some will care only for price. Which customer do you want? You can't be all things to all people. And don't say you have the lowest prices, best quality, and fastest service€¦nobody will believe it.
Your UBA will take a little thought.

Who are you trying to attract?

What is the main benefit to them?

How are you different from the other retailers?

Here are a few good examples;

€œYour vacuum cleaner serviced within 48 hours or it's free! Appeals to the desire for fast service.

€œWe don't give tricky estimates. You never pay more than agreed Ever get an estimate & then the cost is twice as much? We all have that fear. This is a promise that won't happen.

€œWe sell $800 vacuum cleaners for $350 This appeals to the quality buyer and the price buyer€¦just not the lowest price buyer.

€œPicks up 100% of the pet hair or we buy it back! A simple €œsatisfaction guaranteed promise made stronger.

€œBefore you buy, call our free recorded consumer help-line. Learn the 7 things to look for in your next vacuum cleaner Funnels the reader into your recorded message. They then feel like you gave them information, and they come in. It always works to generate a profit, and almost nobody does this.

€œBe safe and toasty warm for only $1.67 a day Gives a big promise and lots of benefits for a nominal daily cost.

Many UBAs involve guaranteed speedy service (always with a specified time) or a guarantee of some sort.
Financing can also be a UBA. But if you have local competitors that also finance, it won't be as effective.
What's better than a Unique Buying Advantage?

Lot's of Unique Buying Advantages

You can make your list of UBAs in your ad. You can actually provide several UBAs to create an €œavalanche of benefits that will make the reader's eyes widen, heart beat faster, and make them find any excuse to come in your store. And isn't that what we want?

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