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Your First Trade Show Booth: 8 Success Tips

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 6   |   Comments: 0

You're excitedly planning your very first trade show booth. You obviously want it to be a resounding success, realizing a good financial return on the time and money you've invested. But trade show exhibits can prove to be expensive. So how do you achieve the results you're after while keeping your costs to a minimum?

Just follow these eight powerful success tips for first-timers.

The first time you exhibit at a trade show is bound to be an experiment. You'll be on a learning curve, discovering which products are likely to bring you success, and what type of exhibit design is going to work for you. For this reason, until you've a little more experience under your belt, keep your expenses low, your display simple, and only rent a small booth space. Also, use your first trade show to study successful competitors' booths and gather ideas for future shows, writing everything down.

One of your main aims will be to encourage customers to enter your space. You therefore want your little area to be as welcoming and enticing as possible. To this end, keep your trade show exhibit design open-plan, so that potential clients feel relaxed, at ease, and in no way trapped. For example, if you stand behind a table placed near the front of your booth, customers will tend to see this as a difficult-to-cross barrier and will not be encouraged to wander into your area.

Your customers should be able to work out at one quick glance exactly which product you're promoting. So, do make sure your trade show exhibit design is clean, clear, and uncluttered. Unless it's immediately apparent what you're offering, potential clients will pass you by.Forewarned is forearmed, and sound, careful preparation is an excellent base for success. So, prior to the big event, make it your job to learn as much as possible about your show area. What are its measurements, and does it have easy access to lighting and electricity? Where exactly is it €¦ is it in a high traffic area? Do you know what your neighboring stalls will be promoting?

Unfortunately, a large percentage of first-time exhibitors give up and never get as far as a second exhibition. This doesn't need to happen to you! However, you don't want to risk your hard-earned money you've invested in the show. So rent rather than buy your booth exhibit components to start off with. This way, you'll also avoid transport and storage problems. And it will give you the chance to experiment a little with different designs without committing yourself to a large financial outlay.

Be aware that heavy, bulky displays can mean high shipping costs and necessitate help in carrying and setting them up. Much better to choose exhibits that are light-weight, compact, and collapsible.

Remember to protect and secure valuable products and items at the trade show. Don't leave your laptop lying around for someone to walk off with it - make sure it's securely attached to your display. If you're exhibiting high-ticket products, you'll want to display these in a locked case.

Create a professional look and feel to your trade show exhibit design by limiting your choice of colors to three. Likewise, limit your choice of textures to no more than three. This will result in a professional, clean-cut design, which will encourage attendees' attention to be focused on your products rather than on your stall.

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