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Your Fat Toxic Body Can Kill You

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 28   |   Comments: 0

For some reason a large percentage of the American population continues to be overweight and obese mostly due to bad eating habits and sedentary lifestyles. And, the verdict is out that those still overweight are in great danger of life threatening diseases, including heart disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer but they continue to overwhelm the health care system even though many aren't insured or are underinsured.

Today there is help with research finding a formula for your personal condition and can get you on the right track of healthy living but also avoiding the bad foods and not overeating and finding an exercise program to keep the heart strong. Plus, there are many scientifically researched products on the market today to help curb appetites and cleanse the entire digestive system.

Not only are these bad lifestyles affecting the health care and insurance industries but will have a negative impact on peoples social and financial situation. Employers are very reluctant to hire overweight persons, fearing loss of work due to illness and the higher insurance cost, plus less productivity.

Entire families are obese and are leading their children down a sad dangerous path that can have negative results before and during adulthood. Bad examples set by parents are making it more difficult to change these bad habits as time goes on.

Good eating habits and physical activity is a must for everyone that intends on retiring happy, healthy and vital. Putting a life formula in place should be more important than sitting down for endless hours each week watching those tv programs you just can't miss while munching on your favorite buckle busting snack. A perfect formula for an early visit from the Grim Reaper.

Informing yourself and your family and making some sacrifices should be an absolute priority no matter how difficult it may seem. If you need to lose weight, quit smoking or simply need to be more active, now is the time to make that decision before it's to late.

But, fact is, it may not be all our fault. All of us have been unkowingly consuming chemically enhance foods for years and have become victims of the over abundance of foods that have been systematically tainted during the processing procedure with toxic results causing almost every disease known to man and obesity in many.

The scientific community has researched this phenomenon and have concluded that these chemicals can cause significant harm and even diseases formed in the colon region. This has been called a toxic colon by forming harmful plaque and "goop" lining the inside of your intestine.

Read exerpt below from the Royal Society of Medicine.
"Death begins in the colon" says digestive experts. 57 leading physicians met and discussed this issue before the Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain. They concluded that toxic colon, technically known as alimentary toxemia, is linked to almost every disease known to man. There are more than 35 bacterial poisons that can be absorbed through our intestines causing toxic colon.

Wow, how screwed up is that? It's good to know that their is hope for all of us with scientifically approved products, including natural alternative remedies to combat what has been ailing us without our permission or knowledge. So, get serious about your health and stay informed and begin using the research, tools, products and tips available at your fingertips.

Some of us need to be scared into action, the important thing is to take action, before it's to late.

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