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You Have Been Taught All Wrong

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 5   |   Comments: 0

Get off the computer, stop the automation scripts and un personalised auto-responders.

Get on the phone, I cannot stress the importance enough of contacting your prospects.

They have responded to your advertising, they contacted you first; they need help and have a need that needs filling.

Their not asking you to send them information about your product or service they are asking for help!

I am not going to venture in to it now, because that is for tomorrow, but by sending the prospect information you are putting them on a logical emotion, this is a very cold calculating place.

This is not where you want your prospect to be. Emotion sells, people purchase based on emotions far easier than any other psychological trigger. 'Tomorrow psychological triggers'

Giving somebody unselfish educational help or asking for help, is subjective, has feeling and warmth associated with it. People make discissions based on feelings and emotions.
So don't think of calling your prospect as a cold call, it is not it is boiling over, when you start to understand that people are only searching for solutions to problems, it becomes all so much easier.
Now get on the phone and help someone.

How many times do I say this stop selling!
Everything you have read and been told tells you to build your business sell as much retail as possible make that money, it is the only way you will make it. Wrong
That is pretty much a formula to fail, why! It is selfish and self-serving attitude that flows through you and all your copy, it puts people off.

Our whole focus is not to sell, but to solution, 'to help people with their problems'. When you remove money from being your goal, it will come naturally, offer help understanding and commitment to their problems. Have a conversation with them not a sales call!

Changing your approach and thinking, many years ago I put a smiley face on our reception phone big yellow smiley face, anyone who picked up the phone saw it, before answering the phone this put a smile on every persons face that used the phone. Happiness conveys down a phone line.

Do not start your day with the thinking I have to call as many prospects today as I can and sign them to my business. Think of it as I am going to call as many people as possible today and see how many of them have problems, I can help to solve.
Now you are in a much better psychological state, not selling that is much better can you feel it?

Why does this work? People know what they want; they may not know how to get it. People will tell you what they want, they will tell you why they want it, and they will tell you why they do not have it yet.

They will tell you how they feel about their life and where they would like it to go. All you have to do is stop selling, be quiet and listen, look for body language, look between the lines not at just what they are saying. When you let, people talk about their situation, their barriers start to come down, and then the emotion will start.

They will feel their own uncomfortableness; with their situation, they want help. Put away your needs, it is not about you it is about them; once you start listening to your clients, they will start to listen to you. No one wants to be told what to do, do you?
In my early sales carrier I worked for a family friend, this is where I learnt more about marketing then anywhere else for many years.
This is what I called my apprenticeship, anyway this friend sold products the product I became best friends with was 'Exit Rust' a rust converter product for painting over steel before topcoat. The company was trying to get into the lucrative paint distributor market, many had tried before me, and failed, this is the reason I was given the chance in the first place. Off I went to the companies and came back the first day with orders for 300 cases of 24 bottles.

You see every rep before me had walking in the door and gone straight for the hard sell of this fantastic new product you just have to carry. Most companies are hounded by so many sales reps it is just not funny.

I went to the customer service desk introduced my self not the company I was working for, asked if I could talk to someone in purchasing. Why was the first question, because I have a solution to allot of your customers problems? I was allowed to see the purchasing rep

Once I was in it was easy, you must get many customers buying metal primer yes? I asked. Yes he said, but why are you here you said you had solutions to my customer problems, what problems he said. Rust problems I said would it be good if people could just paint this solution on and they can paint right over the top it and the rust is gone.

What I am getting at here is that old ways teach you to expect and welcome rejections, how many times have you been told every 'no' is one step closer to a 'yes' don't take rejections personally let it be water off a ducks back.

Sorry but rubbish take rejections to heart let them eat away at you, because they are rejecting you, your ways and your manner, you have just insulted your prospect.
When you understand that taking away the pressure of selling, you let the natural cause of their problems come through.

So are you telling me that everyone is going to say yes with your system?
Everyone one will respect you as a person and will not say no to you, they will feel you had their best interests at heart and a genuine feeling of wanting to help. 'With this approach you hardly ever burn a bridge'

Not everyone is ready for change, not everyone is ready for your business, not everyone has the motivation or want for change.
Let peoples own desire to change and their problems come through, change the way you think, approach people how you like to be treated. Nearly everyone is open to the idea of earning more money.

You are showing people your business all wrong, I bet nearly every one of you get your white board out, or lap top and get into your presentation. You are up there selling those benefits and how we are going to change your life.

How do you know this person wants to change their life, how can you know anything of what this person wants. Since you walked in the door, you have not shut up.
Get to know you prospect find out what is important to them, what are they looking for, once you have educated yourself, then you can do the presentation. Now you have an idea what the prospect is looking for, you can tailor your presentation to be relevant to your client.

Get off the computer, stop the automation scripts and un personalised auto-responders.
Get on the phone, I cannot stress the importance enough of contacting your prospects. They have responded to your advertising, they contacted you first; they need help and have a need that needs filling.

What are you doing? Do you like all the automated customer service systems 'press 302 for frustration'
People are human not robots do you like being treated like one?
If you do not know what your client is looking for how do you know what information to display to them?
Personalisation works.

Again, I refer to quality versus quantity, you have been taught to call and close, again this does not work effectively anymore, and it never really did.

If you let people talk, they will sell themselves and close themselves, people want a better life, and people want an easier life. Once you learn to start offering tools instead of telling people what they need your business no matter what industry it is in will boom.

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