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Yard Signs: Answering The Important Questions

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 15   |   Comments: 0

Lawn signs have been around for a long time now helping advertise businesses and properties for sale as well as assist politicians in campaigning for public office. If you want people to take notice, you can never go wrong with yard sign advertisements. However, you would be surprised at how many people are afraid this simple tool won't work. Well, simply putting up a sign in your front yard is not enough to maximize the usefulness of this promotional tool, nor is putting up one or two and expecting them to reach a large scale audience! Lawn signs are like any other marketing tool. You have to get them out, get them seen, and answer the important questions that grab customers. Who, What, When, where, and Why were drilled into us for years in school. There is a reason! Repetition matters! Repetition is what gets results. But that repetition has to answer these questions to. Your teachers weren't kidding when they said these were the main ingredients to all your writing needs. Your lawn signs need to answer these questions to in order to be effective:

WHO are you?

Don't take a whole sign to give the name of your company, but don't eclipse it with everything else either. Your name matters, your company name matters, and without it your customers can't find you!

WHAT are you offering?

Do you sell make-up? Do you cut lawns? Are you running a special? What reason do I or anyone else have for reading your signs? The public likes things that make their lives easier and are not too heavy on the old pocketbook!

WHEN are you offering it?

All marketing campaigns have "special offers"; most of the time this is advertised on TV, in news print, and on signage. When you put out a sign advertising a special - tell the audience WHEN! 9-5 Monday, June 30th? During a grand opening? When is important. Make sure that your signs are not still sitting there advertising a special that expired 3 weeks ago. Your customers do not like to be told they can't get what you advertised.

WHERE are you offering it at?

Location, location, location! It isn't just about movies! It does you no good to advertise if your customers can't find you. If you are not going to put an "address" location, make sure you include information that allows them to find you. It could be a phone number or a web address.

WHY are you offering it?

Remember what I said earlier about customers wanting products or services that help them in some way and save them money? Ok, so why are you offering this service? What about it is going to make my life or theirs any easier? How is it going to keep extra money in my pocket or theirs? Do you offer a quality service or product at an affordable price? An example would be:

Summer is HOT!

Let us cut your lawn!

Cut, trim and hedge for $60!

Why, you have just reminded them (o' my and me too!) that summer swelters and they really don't want to be in the heat cutting their yard, dragging around a weed eater or messing with their hedges! But, by golly, for just $60.00 you'll take care of all of it. I don't know about you, but I'd be game!

Lawn signs work. The evidence is everywhere. But like every other tool, be it a marketing tool or a hammer, you have to use them the right way! Answer the important questions and you're sure to make an impact.

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