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XCMG: Xiamen Engineering Machinery Exhibition archive their goals to achieve win-win situation - XCM

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

April 8, 2010 -10 days, the second Xiamen Engineering Machinery Exhibition International Exhibition Center in Xiamen success. Xiamen Engineering Machinery Exhibition as a strategic media partner, HC Engineering Machinery Network organized a hundred buyers purchasing groups to attend the meeting. This exhibition is achieved the desired results? Construction machinery industry enterprises and users to show how you feel, Xiamen Engineering Machinery and suggestions? HC Construction Machinery Website editor at the show live interviews Xu workers, building workers, building workers, machines and many other South Road construction machinery industry leaders, and listened to a number of users for the construction machinery industry exhibition thoughts and suggestions.

Xiamen Construction Machinery Exhibition Stand XCMG

Second Xiamen Engineering Machinery Show, exhibited Xugong Crane , Loader , Grader Dozens of other equipment, exhibition area of 930 square meters. XCMG relevant person in charge of construction machinery during the exhibition of the HC network of editors, said, Xiamen Engineering Machinery Exhibition of this size has not yet reached satisfactory levels, but the work of the organizing committee is in place, to a certain extent, make up the shortfall. This exhibition, Xu workers and including Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc., domestic and foreign customers in-depth communication and business negotiation, the market fully to achieve the expected, on the future market development Xugong of great help.

I learned very value Xugong Hercynian market, particularly in the national release, "the State Council on the support of the Economic Zone in Fujian Province to speed up construction of a number of opinions" since the Hercynian will be built as an important base for the southeast coast of advanced manufacturing , 2010, that is 10 004 100 000 000 000 investment amount, in nuclear power projects, railway construction and other areas, driven by strong investment will greatly construction machinery market. Exhibition, Taiwan and Southeast Asia's customers made valuable comments Xugong, Xugong recommendations according to customer product development, launch a few more to adapt to market needs. This product is Xugong exhibition selected from the many products the most appropriate representative of this exhibition, models, especially for the Hercynian highly targeted market. For example, the long arm of crane is a plus-type, more suitable for complex environmental needs.

The person in charge that second exhibition Xu Gong Ben greatest achievement lies in customer resources, Taiwan is a new market, the market area blank Taiwan Xugong will gradually follow, in support of Hercynian building to support national strategy development should contribute to the strength. At the same time, he hoped the construction of the Xiamen Engineering Machinery Exhibition units to more number of customers can have more exchanges. Xiamen Engineering Machinery future development, if not unexpected, then Xugong sure exhibitors.

Can see XCMG Xiamen Engineering Machinery at this show learned a lot, it was something worthwhile trip, which is Xugong fully prepared before the exhibition, well-planned market research results. Sought to maximize every opportunity to achieve a win-win results on all sides is always the act Xugong criteria. The show itself has a bigger and stronger in the process, XCMG Xiamen Engineering Machinery Exhibition will grow with the industry every year brings new surprises.

Note: HC Construction Machinery Website editor at the show live interviews Xu workers, building workers, Jin workers, South Road Machine Number of exhibitors, and members of the construction machinery industry users, please pay attention to follow-up report.

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