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With the Right Industrial Equipment You Can Improve Workplace Safety

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

Skids, also called pallets are flat structures used to transport and support goods while being lifted. A pallet lifter is used to load and unload pallets. Pallet lifters can be customized to meet your needs and are available in many different varieties, sizes and types. It is important to know the differences of each type of pallet lifter as well as the associated pros and cons so you can choose a design that will suit your needs. By purchasing the right pallet lifter for your uses you can reduce the risk of injury for the operator from repetitive movements or straining. Safety is always the first priority in the workplace. A safe workplace will reduce the risk of injury for your employees. Improve employee moral and productivity by using a well designed pallet lifter to reduce the risk of injury from repetitive movements and awkward positioning on the job. .

Industrial lift tables, also referred to as scissor lifts and platform lifts are primarily used to raise or lower a platform. They make overhead tasks safer and more efficient and help to improve the proper location of materials which helps reduce work related injuries. As the leading occupational hazard for workers, cumulative trauma disorders are the result of employees performing repetitive motions or working awkwardly for a long time. Lift tables provide immediate returns in increased safety, productivity and improved employee morale and can prevent costly injuries by reducing musculoskeletal disorders by positioning work and objects at a suitable height for operators. Lift tables are a high quality ergonomic solution for automation of industrial and warehouse applications. Ball screw electric lift tables are designed to provide solutions to automation, longevity and repeatability, while providing zero load drift at any elevation. If you have people working underneath a product or in jobs using robotic integration and applications then consider a ball screw electric lift table. Lift tables are ideal in industrial and commercial applications to raise and position materials for workers in order to reduce the potential for injury. Industrial lift tables help create a safe and efficient workplace, increase productivity and reduce the potential of time lost due to work place injury.

Roll lifters are also known as drum roll lifters and are ideal for transporting large, heavy items. Roll lifters not only transport items but also can lift, tip, mix and empty them. Due to the drum lifter's ergonomic design it can reduce or eliminate joint, muscle and back injuries. Roll lifters often have a load attachment that can be easily changed to fit multiple needs. By reducing injuries and enhancing workplace safety drum roll lifters can maximize productivity. Ensure the roll lifter you choose is strong, reliable, durable and easy to operate and maintain. Of course you want to find a drum roll lifter that is affordable but definitely don't sacrifice safety for cost. Roll lifters come in many different sizes, for different uses so ensure you choose one that is suited to your needs and that will enhance the safety and efficiency of your operators..

Vacuum tube lifters increase workplace safety by reducing the need for repetitive reaching, bending, pushing and lifting. A vacuum tube lifter is a great tool to use when the load to be lifted is positioned below the lifting assembly's center of gravity. Vacuum tube lifters can be used for many jobs including heavy duty lifting. A vacuum lifter results in less damaged products because of the easy operating mechanism. Vacuum lifters are safe, precise, flexible, fast and good on power. Vacuum lifters have different attachments and power options which allow for different uses and applications, providing great economic benefits for your business. A vacuum lifter lifts without the use of chain hoists, ropes or cylinders and instead uses just a vacuum and tube. A vacuum lifter is great in small spaces because they are easily attached to walls, small cranes or column-mounted cranes. Either an electric pump or pneumatic multi stage ejector is used to power a vacuum lifter. Customizable, a vacuum lifter can be fitted with customized tooling in order lift any industrially manufactured products. Operator handles or grippers also vary for different jobs and to suit the particular handler's needs and preference. Mechanical suspension hooks and vacuum operated baggage grippers can be easily switched between by changing from two to one alternating grippers. One-finger controllers are preferred in order to control the various movements of the lifting tube. The ergonomic design and many safety features of the vacuum lifter are just a few of the many benefits they provide to the industrial workplace. Vacuum lifters cause less stress on the back when lifting heavy work pieces. They allow the operator to easily lift, move and position large amounts of weight without feeling any fatigue or strain. The non-return valve option on the vacuum lifter will ensure that the vacuum lifter will not drop loads, even if the power fails, which is an excellent safety feature. Vacuum lifters increase overall efficiency, reduce workplace injury and produce faster handling times, making them a great addition to your industrial setting.

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