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Wine Storage Cooler Makes Nice Gift

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 27   |   Comments: 0

There are many different versions of coolers on the market...

...but they all have one thing in common. They are designed for one purpose and that is to maintain the quality of fine wines. They do this by protecting wines from the two main causes of damage which are heat and light. A good quality wine storage cooler will also protect from changes in humidity that can also affect the wines.

The key features for any wine storage cooler is that it be light proof and that it will maintain the correct and consistent temperature for wine storage. There are two main methods for maintaining temperature control in today's modern wine storage coolers.

Those with a passive cooling system don't have adjustable temperature gauges. The temperature is maintained by the construction elements of the cooler instead. The construction will usually be a double walled cooler with some sort of insulating material between the ways, such as styrofoam.

An active cooling system on the wine storage unit is the best choice for storing white wines. That is because white wines should be served at least slightly chilled and so should be kept at lower temperatures than other wines. This type of system will usually contain similar insulation to the passive systems but will also have a variable refrigeration system as well.

There are a large variety of wine storage coolers on the market today ranging in both size and price. No matter what size the collection is there will be a cooler that would be appropriate. You will have to decide which size and price will work for your budget when choosing a wine storage cooler for a gift to your favorite wine lover.

An insulated bottle wine cooler is a portable cooler designed for just one or two bottles of wine. This is a perfect wine gift for people who travel but still like to take their wines or that free spirit friend who loves to picnic in the park. The wine will maintain the temperature that it is already at so if you want chilled white wine, you should chill it before putting it into the bottle cooler.

There are wine storage coolers that are perfect for apartment dwellers in features. They are quite small, holding only up to twenty bottles of wine, and they are designed to fit on the countertop. This is a convenient and attractive option for those who live where floor space is at a premium. This is also an easily portable style so can be moved if necessary.

Larger wine storage coolers hold around thirty bottles. These can often be constructed to appear as built-in units to blend in with the decor of the home. This is a good option for the budding wine collector or those who just like to have a variety of wines available at any given time.

If the wine lover is serious about collecting wines, there are larger options for up to one hundred and sixty bottles. These are built in wine storage coolers and are very customizable to individual needs. This option is a pricier choice but would make a fantastic wine gift for someone special.

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