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Why You Should Learn Copywriting

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0
People who are new to IM seem to take copywriting for granted a lot of times. If you look at well-written copy, it's one of those things that just looks easy. However, very many people have discovered the truth about copywriting when they sit down to write it. It all can be hard because you have to learn very specific knowledge to write effective sales copy. That's the simple reason why so many businesses hire professional copywriters. So if you outsource this job, it wouldn't hurt if you learned a little about it so you can intelligently understand your marketing a little better.

Try to imagine how you'd go about selling yourself on the product. You know what draws you in when you are shopping. Pretend you are selling the product to yourself when you write your copy. Avoid using any sales tactics that you would find irritating if they were used on you. If you like the way a certain product is marketed, emulate that sale page's style. Never forget that you are a consumer as well as a seller. If your sales copy would not even persuade you to buy something, it needs work! What words or facts about the product would turn you from a browser into a buyer? Once you've sold yourself, you will probably be able to sell to others too. Never try to pressure your readers to buy because that will backfire; instead, use other methods to create the urgency to buy. There must be no pressure, not even the faintest hint of it, otherwise you can just forget about making any sales. You can find great examples of this just from your own shopping experiences. Have you ever encountered a sales person who was "trying too hard"? But if a sales person casually describes all the great benefits and answers all your questions, and then maybe leaves you alone, then you probably bought the product.

Look at those who are successful in your market. Study their marketing materials and site. What kind of effects does it all have on you? What is it about the writing you read that stands out to you? What are your particular reactions to their sales copy? After you read their sales copy, what made you feel the way you do and why? You can use your answers in your own writing. There are art forms to all excellent copywriting. Copywriting sells everything, and even when you see sales videos they contain a script. That script could have, should have at least, been written by a copywriter. Copywriters are behind the writing in every single television commercial you see.

Sure you could hire someone to do the writing for you. So, if you do that it's highly advisable to be able to have a basic understanding of what your copywriter is doing.
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