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Why We Create Separation

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 131   |   Comments: 0

The fundamental oneness can never be denied

It is easier to understand the power of our soul through the analogy of a computer. We can gain multifarious knowledge through computers€"Internet has opened new directions for the world, where we feel connected to the whole world and can get the information or knowledge from wherever we want. However, the computer's analogy is a very small example of the potent power that is eternal characteristic of our soul€"through our soul, we are connected to all the beings of this world, and if we can become aware of this power, we will be able to realize the fundamental unity.

Our differences are man made
The differences formed on the basis of region, color, religion, and culture are man-made. There is no fundamental division that came from God€"essentially all the beings were made to live together in harmony and peace. However, much depends upon the upbringing and the environment that we are reared€"societies and communities have their own set of rules, and children reared there are prone to believe them as best. Even if we check the facts provided by psychological studies, we can easily find out that rearing of the children often strengthens their habits and tendencies. Though there are some things which remain true to their nature irrespective of atmosphere or environment.

God existed before language or anything else
The differences and the divisions that are created by man are based on rituals, ways adopted for one's religion, and also the languages used by people of different regions and countries. It is an undeniable fact that God existed before language or anything else. We have ourselves drawn the boundaries of language, color, castes, and other differences, but the fact remains that we can't limit God. The Soul, that is the primary cause, can't be limited to any boundaries or sets of rules. There is one unifying force beyond the physical plane, which connects the life, though we fell divided at the human level.

Through lack of self-know-ledge, we tend to create separation and division. However, if we work on the power of our soul, we can easily experience connectedness and create more peace and harmony among all the people. There is a basic requisite for such efforts€"you must be willing to have peace around you. If you do not want peace and harmony in your environment and atmosphere, you will not be able to put your best efforts for their establishment.

The fundamental oneness can never be denied
The present scenario of the world is very much in accordance to the above description€"almost everybody seems to find faults in others and put the blame on others. Nobody wants or tries to know the underlying unity of souls. There is much chaos and unrest due to such inclination of thinking. However, people who have set some higher goals for themselves, and do strive to experience bliss through peace, work hard and get the result€"they experience themselves and are able to propagate it to others that whatever we may assume or think, the fundamental oneness can never be denied or eliminated.

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