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Why Use A Full Size Blanket Versus A Full Size Comforter?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 45   |   Comments: 0

Having a full size bed should not limit you from dressing your bed superbly. Actually, you can splurge a little more on certain accessories due to the fact that some full size sheet sets are more affordable than queen size. Of course, notice how I have said SOME. Just like in everything some designer sets will be pricey, but for the most part owning a full size bed leaves you with a little extra cash that you can invest in things that will give your bed that special oomph! There are many essential pieces for dressing a double bed. But, two of the most significant are both an accessory and a necessity; these are a full size blanket and a full size comforter. You must know how and when each of these pieces should be used to dress your bed; and most importantly, if they can be paired together.

Full size blankets are thin bedspreads. These coverlets are thicker than the flat sheet from your sheet set but thinner than a comforter. Full or double size blankets usually have decorative trims, and have smaller size quilted boxes, if they have any at all. When used decoratively on your bed, most full size blankets will drape a bit like a mantle. This is due to the fact that full size blankets are not filled with all the thick layers of polyester or feathers used to stuff comforters. This is not to say a double size blanket is not filled with feathers, down or polyester, a lot are, but just a thin layer. When you are looking to purchase a full size blanket look for them to be marked full/queen, and at times you can even find them marked as double. If you use them while you sleep, it's best to use a double size blanket during spring and summer months. Full size blankets can easily be washed and cared for at home. It is important to read the care instructions on the tags or the packaging. However, if you need additional information just see beddingcare.com.

Now, let us discuss the characteristics of full size comforters. These are the final layer one places when dressing the bed. It is a thickly stuffed, blanket which is used to cover the bed when not in use. Because of their thickness, full size comforters usually feature large quilted boxes. A full/queen comforter is filled with either polyester, feathers or down. If you are going to use a double comforter while you sleep, it is best to use it during fall or winter months. This is not to say that you can not dress your bed with a comforter during warmer months. You can, you may just feel too hot covering yourself with a comforter. Remember that you can wash and dry your full/queen comforter at home. Keep in mind that you will need two dry cycles in order for all of the filling in the comforter to be fully dried.

So, now you have the details and the differences between a full size blanket and a full size comforter. You are probably wondering if they can be used together. The answer is yes! You can definitely pair the two together. For a sensational hotel feel, lay the full size blanket on top of your full flat sheet, and tuck them both neatly under your double size mattress. Once you have achieved a neat look cover the bed with the full/queen comforter, place the pillows, add small pillows and, voila, a hotel look right in your bedroom.

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