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Why Is Commercial Office Space Sometimes A No-no?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0

Let's say you're just starting out in business. You need an office but your budget margin is so tight it leaves little room to afford one cubicle, never mind a whole office suite with the equipment and amenities you need such as a kitchen and conference room.

You drive by and see a sign out front of a nice office location which reads 'Commercial Office Space'. The building looks respectable. Maybe this is for you?

You take a moment to stop in and find The people inside are quite friendly. The commercial office space shown to you is clean and spacious, except that it consists mainly of bare walls and a floor. But then again,that's what you had expected in the first place.

You are ready to negotiate a one year agreement when the leasing agent lies a thick stack of documents in front of you and announces, "This is our standard lease contract." You begin reading...or try to read. But it contains so much legalese your eyes begin to glaze over. Now you understand why everyone always says, "If you're going to lease commercial office space, you should consult with your lawyer before signing it." But there is one thing you do understand - the contract is for three years minimum.

Most people realize it would be unwise for any new business owner to get locked into an office space agreement for three years. In reality, this is more geared for an established business. Also, what if all goes according to plan, and in six months you have already forecasted that you are going to need expansion room? This contract doesn't seem to address these types of unpredictable factors.

As for your tight budget, you begin thinking about all that bare office space. You'll be responsible for purchasing all kinds of furniture and office equipment. Plus, you will need to hire a receptionist to take your calls and greet your visitors when you're out of the office. It is beginning to make you nervous when you consider these additional costs.

Before you sign a long-term contract research all your options. Some options are so incredibly flexible, expanding and contracting as fast as you can sign your name. One such option is executive suites, which can be dubbed the alternative to commercial office space.

Not only does executive suites come fully furnished, they provide a receptionist and have flexible leasing options and offer short-term, easy to understand contracts to accomodate your budget. You will be amazed at the choices provided by executive suites for the new business owner. It is a more practical, sensible approach to leasing office space and takes into account your present and future needs from day one.

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