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Why Essence is Better Than Appearance

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 31   |   Comments: 0

In the age of preservatives, additives and the unavoidable, negative health-effects of ubiquitous by-products, the essence of substances in general is often destroyed. Essence is described as the core nature of a thing; the most superior facet of a given form. By ingesting or absorbing through the bloodstream the essential ingredients of food or herbs, our health improves. Considering this straightforward fact, it can baffle the brain to consider why we seem to trumpet appearance over essence in our food choices, especially when we know the latter is better for us. How did this flawed judgement ever make its way into the collective psyche? Money, invariably, is the answer.

Manufacturing is an industrial term which arose simultaneously with the industrial age - another term coined to describe a time when people began mass trading on the market. The cost to our health of this mass production was the loss of quality in favour of an increase in quantity. How to turn the clock back?

One solution, which is recommended across the board by health enthusiasts, is the use of an item called a vaporizer. A vaporizer is a device designed to extract for inhalation the essence, or active ingredients, of nature's foods and plants. Vaporization is a gentler method to smoking as it avoids the production of harmful substances, such as carcinogens. As no combustion occurs during the vaporization process, there is no hint or taste of smoke.

Herbalists, naturopaths and other alternative health practitioners often use vaporizers to extract essences. After the vaporization process, the extracted vapour can then be collected. This method has obvious health benefits when done correctly.

For people who require a heath boost, an easy-to-use portable vaporizer could prove a useful device to own. By educating oneself on how best to use it, a vaporizer allows an individual to use fresh herbs at home, particularly herbs known to cure of specific ailments, for self-healing. This is a safe and toxic-free way to boost health naturally with the added bonus of knowing there are no negative side-effects, such is the case with pharmaceutically processed medicine.

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