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Why Do I Have Digestive Problems? 3 Major Reasons Why!

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 28   |   Comments: 0

Do you frequently have a problem digestive food? If so then there are 3 major reasons why you seem to have trouble digesting food. In this article I'll expose what they are and what you can do to begin treating them effectively so that digestive problems will become a thing of the past for you.

Why you might have a problem digesting food

Parasites: If you've recently eaten some food that was either not properly cooked and raw there is a great likelyhood you have contracted some parasites as a result. Sushi is very common for causing this problem. However parasites can come from a variety of food and even environmental sources such as unclean surfaces and tap water also commonly is affected. The solution is to do an effective cleansing protocol, that will likely require about 30-60 days to achieve relief from symptoms if this is the reason you are having trouble digesting food.

Poor eating practises: This includes anything from not chewing food well enough, carbs in particular need to be chewed thoroughly in the mouth as this is where most of their digestion occurs. Drinking water or other liquids with meals dilutes stomach acid and severely limits your digestive ability, don't drink more than ½ a cup of liquid 30 min before a meal and none for at least 2 hours after. Sips are ok though throughout a meal to help food go down, but don't gulp! Remember also vegetables can go with anything, however meat and grains do not digest well, more specifically starches don't do well with protein and fat.

Candida: This is a fungus that exists in 90% of peoples bodies. Its main home is in your digestive tract. When you are healthy and your beneficial bacteria are in high levels then this fungus cannot cause problems. However remove any one of these and you have a problem. A severe infection or the use of anti-biotics are well known to trigger as a side infection a candida overgrowth, to call it an infection is slightly off though. This is because as I mentioned candida is already in your body, so what happens is that it simply overgrows and starts taking over territory in your body it was never meant to. This also suppresses many functions within your body which are meant to assist with digestion, such as the production of digestive enzymes, reducing stomach acid (actually creating acid reflux as a result) and suppressing the development of beneficial bacteria which are crucial to healthy digestion.

The solution is an effective diet and cleanse system made to eliminate the factors that have allowed candida to overgrow and most importantly restore proper health to your body once again.

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