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Why Do Companies Prefer Promotional Pens?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 6   |   Comments: 0

Promotional pens are preferred by most of the companies as the best tool for brand promotion. Many researches were conducted on the behavior of customers towards promotional products. The result shows that the customers were happier when they received utility articles such as pens, bags, etc. Among the various promotional articles, most of them prefer pen mainly because of their better utility than the others. Thus pens have become the favourite choice of companies as promotional items.

Unlike most of the promotional items, pens fit the budget of any company, both big and small. Their cost is negligible when compared to the other promotional methods and advertising programs, and they do not sacrifice quality irrespective of their lower value. There are many good quality plastic pens and metal pens that cost only a few pence. There is one more advantage of using promotional pens. They can be imprinted using the screen-print technology and, therefore, the printing cost is reduced considerably. These printed pens are widely used in mass events such as exhibitions, seminars, etc. A wide selection of pens that can be given as corporate gifts is available at www.yesgifts.co.uk, an online store that supplies a wide range of promotional products. Pens and writing articles occupy the majority of our online store space because of their number and variety. All of these articles are ideal corporate gifts because they can be imprinted with the brand names. Thus they serve the dual purpose - utility and brand promotion.

The promotional value of pens is found to be much higher than many other costlier promotional items. For example, a pen that is imprinted with a brand name on its clip exchanges the impression of the brand throughout the day, even if it is sitting idle in the pocket. As the person moves around, the visibility of the pen increases, bringing infinite scope for brand promotion. Many companies choose pens as ideal gifts that can be given at various promotional campaigns because of their universal acceptance. You need not consider the gender, age or any geographical factors of the customers while gifting them with a pen. They are suitable to all, irrespective of their gender, caste, etc. They can be distributed in any climatic conditions too.

To conclude, we can say that the promotional pens surpass many other expensive promotional gift articles. They are cheaper but offer good quality. They are made of good quality materials such as plastic, metal, etc. They can be imprinted with the company logo without upsetting the budget of the company. Finally, they find universal application among all customers. If you wish to see the best collection of pens that make ideal corporate gifts, please log on to the website www.yesgifts.co.uk.

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