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Why children with ADHD climb roofs and how to support this with natural remedies

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 55   |   Comments: 0

A behaviour that is very common to many children with ADHD is a sense of fearlessness. I recall my first experience of a pupil running on to the 4th storey roof of a pupil referral unit I once worked at. Heart in mouth, I watched as he scaled window sills and roofs to perch himself on the top of the roof. I discovered in a very short time that many children presenting with this condition follow similar patterns of behaviour and very often run to the highest places and spaces.

Another familiar scenario is leaping out of bedroom windows to the ground below, without any consideration of consequences, running off and dashing across the road without looking and the list of fearless behaviours grows.

As I can vouch, this often leaves onlookers in a state of disbelief and anxiousness regarding their safety.

Why do these children exhibiting ADHD behavior do this? Well the whole concept of fear and not learning through previous experiences is very interesting. Fear is a lower brain emotion and as these incredible young people appear to have their brain wiring routed in other pathways, these normal fear reactions do not even equate in the level of choices they make.

There is of course the thrill factor which is coupled with the satisfaction of them often being unable to be reached. The entertainment values of watching those around them stand with heart in mouth as I did and a sense of them being in control. They are also in the position of higher €˜authority' when in this position.

Of course, it also represents an opportunity to escape the situation and isolate them from what is going on and is a behaviour which is often triggered by a stress situation. It is however worrying and perplexing for those who can only stand and watch.

So how can such ADHD behaviours be addressed in a natural way?

I would personally start with the Bach Flower remedies to support the emotional state.

Chestnut bud works with failure to learn from previous experience, combined with Rescue Remedy to deal with the stress that it is prompting the fight or flight reaction, Cherry Plum for losing control, vine for defiance and control and impatiens for impulsive behaviour and crab apple for compulsive or obsessive behaviours.

These remedies are safe and simple with no side effects have an emotionally calming effect.

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