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Why Being A Geek Makes You Attractive

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 28   |   Comments: 0

Why is dating a Geek the new cool? Being labeled a Geek in 2010 doesn't carry the same stigma as it once held. The stereotype association doesn't seem to exist anymore now that the Geeks are the one's paving the way for the future of the Internet, which is ultimately controlling key components of our day-to-day lifestyles and communications.

It would seem that Greenville is just like any fashion or trend that is scoffed at one day, the next, we just can't get enough. As is stands here, and now, it's hip to be Geek! We all draw comparisons between Geeks, chunky glasses, a Nintendo fixation and the social talent of turtle. But that was then, and this is now...

Your average Geek nowadays is very fashionable in a Geekish type of way. They are hip and happening people who are extremely adjusted when it comes to the current trends of their non-Geek peers.

Geeky guys are very funny in a quirky way. Women like quirky and funny, it's intriguing. And, it's a refreshing change to date a Geeky guy, given the body beautiful obsession this generation of men seem so hell bent on. A girl would much rather date someone funny and interesting rather than a man who is more concerned about whether he looks good in his new muscle shirt.

You love music right? So do Geeks, and they have access to how and where to get all the latest tunes in a matter of minutes, so you will be bopping to your MP4 with a brand new set of dance tracks whenever you feel the urge. And if you need to get hold of a track but just don't know where to find it, your Geek guy will chase it down in a matter of a few quick clicks.

He's never short of money. There is no other industry (that I know of) that offers a package combining the earning potential, diversity and long term sustainability than the I.T industry - starting to get the idea why dating a Geek has its advantages?

Geeks are the new age handy man of the 21st century. There is a universal frustration shared amongst personal computer owners when they break down. Computer glitches and breakdowns are one of the most frustrating devices to contend with. Solution? Get the Geek to fix it!

Where can you find eligible Geeks? Free dating sites is where you should start your love hunt, remember, Geeks and computers go hand in hand, and online dating services seem to be the new fashionable way to hook up these days - just ask any young single person!

You've got your own schedule! You won't see many Geeks with nothing to do, they have always got some little gadget or gizmo on the go and they won't be relying on you to fill in their spare time.

You're lustful. When a geek gets involved in something, they tend to absorb themselves in it exclusively. They'll strip a new gismo down to nuts and bolts and reconstruct it with an xhtml complying grappling gun. This intense passion can expand to numerous interests within a geek's life, and not just computers and spare-time activities.

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