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Who Else Wants To Score Higher In Zuma Blitz?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0
The answer is simple. In order to get high scores, you must follow a certain set of rules. Well, in every skill-based game, there are certain ways you should go around it. In this case, Zuma Blitz is a game that is based on skills and a little strategy. However, this doesn't mean only gamers or people who play a lot of games can get high scores in Zuma Blitz.
Hint: It is also a well known fact that 70% of the population are female players.
Here are the 2 tricks and secrets you can use when you want to beat your friends in this Facebook application.

Be fast - always improve your speed

If you are fast, it means you have much higher chances of getting high scores. Why is this? Recently, Zuma Blitz has released a scoring system which you can view at the end of a game (click more at the final scoreboard, situated at the top right). You can see that there is a scoring metric system judging on how you score in the game. Pay attention to one of them which is called "speed". Generally, the faster you shoot balls from your frog, the higher your score will be.

Don't obsess about the fruits

Here is the thing. If you ever focus on the fruits only during a game, you will be bound for a low score in the end. Why is this? Aren't fruits the best part because their base score increase by 50% each time? Well, there is no problem with this strategy unless you are content with getting low scores, that is. This is because even if you try getting as many as 5 to 6 fruits in a given round, you will still only get a meagre 200,000 to 300,000 score points. Furthermore, you will miss out on all the opportunities to get other balls like multiplier and time. What is the solution? Treat fruits as a bonus. If they are there, shoot them down. If they are out of your reach, do not obsess about them and waiting for the right opportunity. Instead, keep shooting other balls as you normally would. Trust me on this one. I have not purposely wasted a ton of mojo and time just to give you the wrong information.
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