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Which Type Of Wood Makes The Best Firewood?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0

Different species of trees can vary in the quality of firewood they produce. When being asked which type of tree makes the best firewood, it's not an easy question to answer and will depend on several factors.

People often ask if a certain tree species will be worth burning as firewood or not. Any species of wood will burn and put out heat so pretty much any type of wood is worth burning if you have it. But some have more heat per volume than others so the question may be how much you should pay for any given species.

Deciding which wood is best will depend on your heating appliance, your wood burning style, and your objectives. Hardwood is believed by many to be the best wood for burning and is usually sold for a higher price. For many situations hardwood is best, but in some cases softwood is a better choice.

Hardwood species are usually more dense than softwoods, they burn longer and put out more heat over a longer period of time. This makes hardwood a great choice for wood stoves and maintaining a steady heat to heat your home over a long period of time. hardwood also can make a nice bed of coals which can be good for cooking fires.

Softwood tends to ignite easier and burn hot for a shorter period of time. This makes softwood a good choice for making kindling and starting fires. If you want quick intense heat, softwood is a good choice. Softwood usually makes bigger and more brilliant flames and some softwood species will crackle as it burns. This can make softwood good for campfires or in an open fireplace where you want good flames.

Both hardwood and softwood have their place. Some hardwood species are less dense than others and some burn more like softwood so it can get a little complicated. As a general rule, the heavier a wood is the more total heat it will have and the longer it will burn. The lighter it is the easier it will be to ignite and the faster it will burn with more brilliant and intense flames.

All wood will burn and put out heat. To decide which wood will be best for you will depend on your own needs. The best way to determine that is to try different types and decide which works best for you.

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