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Which is the best weight loss system to help you lose inches and trim your waist?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0

As a woman of ever maturing years I have ran the gauntlet of weight loss and most often been at the losing end of it. I have tried almost every diet and weight loss system known to man, both the sensible and the ridiculous types of diet, anything to strip that fat that life seemed to have piled on!

So what did I try and what were the results?

1. Let's start with the ridiculous: the egg diet. I started this one quite early in my weight loss career and stupidly I have returned to it a few times as a last resort just like the grapefruit diet. Both are ridiculously restrictive and although over the 7 days of trying the weight loss system I did lose fat fast I felt ill and soon put the weight back on plus more!!!

2. Now let's look at a more long term solution to help you lose inches: high protein and low carbohydrate diets. Again like the silly 7 day diets the results could be found; I lost nearly two stone over two months following that weight loss system and definitely trimmed my waist and lost inches all over my body. However the down sides; the most dreadful bad breath and smells from other parts of the body (I'll say no more!). Also it was quite difficult to sustain, by the end of the two months I was sick of meat and eggs and I had stopped enjoying food. So I stopped the diet introduced the carbohydrates back into my diet and guess what? The weight came sneaking back on and I was back to square one!

3. So what came next? Meal replacement weight loss systems: there are a selection of meal replacement systems out there, mostly using milkshakes and bars to replace real food!! And this is where I failed and didn't even lose any weight - IT WAS NOT REAL FOOD!!!

4. Next came the organised weight loss clubs: Now I've tried most of these over the years and even ran one myself for a short time! And yes these weight loss systems do work, each time I tried one I did strip that fat and lose inches from my waist. I lost 2-3 stones each time but again the problems came with sustainability, after a few months I was tired of over planning, counting calories and running my life around my weight loss system. I stopped going to the meetings and guess what the weight came creeping back!

So what next? I wanted a weight loss system that gives me the results of organised clubs with some exercise to firm and tone and trim that waist. I needed something that gave me the opportunity to strip that fat but not rule my life and I think I may have found it.

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