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Which is the Best Treatment for Adult Acne, Scabs, Pimples and Blackheads

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 6   |   Comments: 0

There are several treatment methods which can be used to deal with adult acne. You should not treat adult acne the same way that you treat teenage acne.

One way to deal with adult acne and scabs is to use chemical methods. This includes cleansing your skin with salicylic acid. Use cotton wool to dip into a cleanser which has salicylic acid and use it to clean your face. You should also try out cleansers which have alpha-hydroxy acids or benzoyl peroxide. Cleansers which have these chemicals clean the skin better than regular cleansers.

Avoid using cleansers or facial scrubs which have granules or beads. This is because such products are too aggressive for the skin and can cause more damage rather than repair. Use gentle products such as Cetaphil especially if you have sensitive skin.

Use facial masks occasionally. Check that the facials you use and ensure that they have as their ingredients: zinc, sulphur and camphor.

If you have acute acne, you can use aggressive methods to treat it such as intense pulsed light treatments or laser. These are target methods for skin areas which have been deeply scarred with acne. They are quite expensive but very effective. Laser and light intense treatments work by removing the dead skin cells and helping new skin to resurface.

Chemical peel is another method to deal with adult acne. This can be done professionally by a dermatologist or can be done at home. At home, you will be required to buy over the counter drugs which will help in peeling of the top layer of your skin, to expose a better and healthy skin. This can be done through the use of various gels which can be found in a pharmacy which contain retinoic acid.

This usually comes in liquid form and applied topically on the affected skin. It then works by removing the dead skin cells on the applied area and unplugging the clogged pores on the skin. It also helps in the production of new skin cells.

If you are using salicylic acid or retinoic acid, you should use them at night. This is because using them during the daytime will cause burns on your skin due to the sun. It will also be prudent to make sure that you use sunscreen during the day when you are under these two treatment regimens to prevent your skin from scalding.

It would be advisable to see a doctor who will prescribe the best method to deal with acne. This is because acne is caused by hormonal imbalance in the body. A doctor will be able to prescribe something that will help to create hormonal balance in your body.  After balance is achieved, the acne usually clears itself out over time.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will cause acne to reduce. It is important for you to eat healthy, exercise regularly and take lots of water. Also ensure that you get adequate rest and sleep. Keep this up for at least two months and you should be able to see remarkable change in your skin condition.

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