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What You should know about Laser Skin Resurfacing

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 47   |   Comments: 0

Fractional laser skin resurfacing was developed to eliminate many of the problems associated with traditional old time laser skin resurfacing. Traditional laser skin resurfacing was very effective at wrinkle removal, but recovery was long and difficult and the skin often turned white, called hypo pigmentation, 6 months after treatment.

With any type of laser which destroys the outer layer of skin, there will be a period of redness while the skin heals. Most skin resurfacing treatments require a period of skin care with moisturizers to prevent scarring and poor wound healing. Again, consultation with an experienced physician can ensure that you are informed before undertaking any cosmetic surgery procedure.

It is important to understand that each face is different with regard to skin color, texture, and degree of wrinkling, and choosing the best resurfacing option can make a difference. Laser resurfacing has not eliminated other methods such as chemical peels and dermabrasion, which continue to play a role in skin resurfacing, but in many cases the laser has proven to be a superior tool.

Carbon dioxide laser resurfacing is normally used for removing the deep lines and wrinkles that have resulted from aging. It can also be used on certain layers of the skin to address acne problems, scars, fine lines, and other skin imperfections. However, the risk of scarring and infection is still there so extra care has to be observed.

There are two basic laser light methods that can be employed for laser resurfacing: Carbon Dioxide, or CO2, and Erbium. Both of them are used to vaporize damaged skin cells while reducing the risk to the patient by limiting the amount of heat absorbed by the skin during the procedures. Laser skin resurfacing uses a beam of laser energy to remove the top few layers of skin, taking away the damaged skin so that new and healthy skin can replace it.

There are several advantages of laser resurfacing may have over other types of superficial scar treatment. It is very uncommon for pathogens and viruses to find their way to the skin right after the procedure. Skin resurfacing may restore the skin's lost beauty. But then again, it doesn't eliminate new wrinkles, minor imperfections, or discolorations that could have emerged later on in life.

Ablative laser therapy vaporizes old, damaged, discolored, and wrinkled skin with short, concentrated beams of intense pulsed light.   This process not only gets rid of old damaged skin but stimulates the growth of fresh, new skin.  Collagen fibers, which are chiefly responsible for the youthful appearance of our skin are more plentiful as new skin forms. 

There are many choices of laser resurfacing procedures. You have many great options before you, and they would allow you to attain that perfect beauty that you've always wanted. You might want to setup a consultation with the qualified doctors practicing near you to help you decide which procedure is best for you. The advantage of laser skin resurfacing over other procedures on skincare is that it doesn't cause any discomfort, bleeding or bruising, and heals speedily.

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