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What Type Of Fridge Freezer Should I Buy?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 35   |   Comments: 0

Here you will find some considerations to take think about before you buy your next fridge freezer. The initial consideration is if you need a combined fridge freezer or if you want separate fridge and separate freezer.

Fridge freezers generally are made in two forms, the really basic form is a fridge with a compartment within it containing a freezing unit - these are generally only suitable for someone living alone or for ice. The other most

substantial version is where the unit is quite tall and has a completely separate freezer unit either above or below the fridge unit. These are often the same size as each other.


The outer dimensions of the fridge freezer will be shown in centimetres - height, width and depth, so be clear with your measurements so that you have them CMS. Our recommendation is that you allow atleast 2 CMS all round for air

circulation fridge freezers generate heat from their motors. Secondly make sure you leave a small gap at the back to allow for the cable.

You may find that Some models will need even more space at the back of them to allow for cool air venting, so you will have to bear this in mind when choosing. For 
built-in models, make sure that you allow for the "housing" as well.

The capacity of the fridge freezer is quoted in litres and/or cubic feet. Some provide a breakdown of how the space is sectioned up; i.e. xxxx litres/Cu.ft of fridge space, and xxxx litres/Cu.ft of freezer space. These numbers are a 
useful way of comparing the models as you will find some models have big variations depending on their constructions.

Your Lifestyle

Your buying habits will dictate further what you need, if you always buy fresh food on a daily basis and tend to only use the freezer for ice cubes, ice cream etc then you should choose a model with a larger area and smaller freezer. If your shopping tends to me more frozen items that you keep in the freezer for  along time then you need to make sure you have not only a high capacity freezer but also one that has a more powersful freezing element. 

Energy Efficiency

The standard rating system now for fridge freezers is all now giverned by a letter - from "A through to G" according to their overall energy efficiency. "A" is the generally the most efficient but not always the most powerful but it will save you money on your electricity bill. G will suck energy terrible and these should be avoided.

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