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What Price Advantages are Available at a Private Drug Treatment Center?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 8   |   Comments: 0

 Private drug treatment centers are known to be pricey; their fees can run into thousands of dollars on a weekly basis. But at the same time, the treatment that is administered is simply the best, notches higher than what takes places in a traditional rehab or a government-based rehab center.  Though you can benefit from the expertise of the best doctors and counselors, the most excellent detox programs and very good counseling sessions and after-care therapy, it could burn the pocket of a  middle-class American who finds the price steep even though he would any day, prefer to have his loved one admitted in such a rehab.  He is right; in nearly 39 percent cases, it has been found that most people shy away from going to a good rehab because they fear the costs.

 The prices charged by a rehab are also dependent on the geographical area where it is located. For instance in up market places like the New York City, Manhattan etc, the charges tend to be higher than other places.  Since private drug rehab centers are not here to do charity and they have to pay money for their expert team of doctors, maintain the infrastructure and pay for the world-class amenities, the cost per patient is on the higher side.   But does that mean, the humble guy with modest income cannot admit his brother because he cannot afford to pay up the fees of a private rehab center. No, he can surely get his brother treated if he is smart enough to exercise the right options. Here are some of them:

  1.  Part payment options: The rise in drug related cases and the competition among the private players in the drug rehab market have definitely led to the dip in the prices.  Many private drug treatment centers are offering low interest finance options to people wherein they pay the money in parts instead of the whole amount at once.  Since the payments are spread over the time, it becomes easy for the person to pay the fees easily.
  2.  Insurance: There was a time when insurance companies would raise their hand when they were asked to pay insurance for drug related cases. Since most health organizations have classified it as a disease, there are some insurance companies who are making their conditions flexible and are covering drug related cases, subject to some stipulations. But it is always a welcome change, and you should check with your health insurance company and others about how far they can go to cover drug addiction treatment.
  3. Employers:   The US Department of Labor has mentioned that drug abuse on duty can make employers incur losses of more than 100 million dollars per year. At the same time, it is difficult to substitute talented and experienced people in a company.  So many corporate have made drug rehab compensation a part of the employee benefits package. 

You should consider the above 3 options and do your own research to find which of the private treatment facilities are willing to keep their prices affordable and competitive for people.

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