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What Precautions Should Be Taken While Taking Reductil?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

Things which must be done:

o You should inform your doctor that you are feeling an experiencing of shortness of breath
o You should check your weight on a regular basis so that you can have a closer look whether Reductil is working for you or not.
o You should get you weight and blood pressure checked whenever you doctor ask you to do that.
o Your doctor should perform a check in every two weeks in the first 2-3 months of your treatment; after this check up should be done at least once in every 3 months.
o Females should be more careful and use an effective method of birth control whilst using Reductil. If female become pregnant during using Reductil, she should stop using it and inform her doctor.
o You should inform your all doctors or pharmacists that you are using Reductil.
o If someone is planning to have surgery which requires a general anesthetic, he should inform his doctor that he is using Reductil, as well as about all the other medications which he is using.
o For the Reductil best results, it should be taken in the combination with a low fat diet and a proper exercise routine.
o You should inform your doctor if you find that Reductil is not working for you.
o You should inform your doctor if you have not followed his instructions for taking the medicine.

Things which must not be done?

o You should not stop using Reductil or make any changes with the dosage without your doctor's advice.
o You should not transfer your Reductil to anyone, even if someone is facing the same problem which your are facing.
o You should not use Reductil for the treatment of any other disease until you consult with your doctor.

Things to take care

o You should be more careful while driving or handling any other machinery until you are aware about the affect of Reductil on you.
o Reductil can cause some problem like light-headedness or the problem of dizziness like other medications.
o If you are an alcoholic than the disease like light-headedness or dizziness may be worse for you. This is crucial to remember that the alcohol is not good with a controlled program for weight loss. You should always consult with your doctor whether you can consume alcohol while using Reductil or not.

Side Effect of Reductil

You must not be so much worried about the listed side effects; it may be possible that you will not face any of these listed side effects. You should inform or consult with your doctor if do not feel fine after taking Reductil.
Reductil is helpful in reducing weight for most of the overweight people but it also has some unwanted side effects associated with it which can affect on few people. Reductil has some side effect as all the other prescribed medications sometimes these side effects may be serious or some time they may be not You should always consult with your doctor if face or see any side effect due to the use of this medicine.
You should always consult or discuss your doctor for all the questions regarding the use of Reductil in your mind.
Some of the possible side effects:

o Feeling anxious
o Headache
o Feeling sick, also called nausea
o Dizziness
o Hot flushes
o Constipation
o Inability to sleep
o Dry mouth
o Tingling or numbness of the hands or feet
o Sweating
o Loss or change in taste sensation
o Hemorrhoids get worse

All of the above listed side effects are normally not very serious for human health.

You should inform your doctor if feel any of these side effects after using Reductil:

o High blood pressure
o Irregular heart beats
o Frequent Change in the volume of urine.
o Unusual bleeding in the skin
o Blurred vision
o Short-term memory loss

These are some major or serious side effects which can be seen after using Reductil. If any of the above side effects occurs you should immediately stop using Reductil and call to your doctor as these side effects ask for an urgent treatment.

NOTE: Serious side effects are very rare to occur.

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