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What Is The Purpose Of Your Actions?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 26   |   Comments: 0

Do you have "lovebugs" in your part of the world?  In Florida, these flying insects referred to as "lovebugs" fill the air two times per year.  In early spring and again in late summer you will receive a healthy dose of these affectionate little critters.  What you'll see are actually two bugs that are conjoined to mate (even while flying).

Every time I see these bugs I ask myself, "What is their purpose?".  I've actually looked it up€¦and I'll pass along the details in a minute.

However, have you ever stopped to think about the purpose behind whatever it is that you are doing right now?  For instance, why are you at this very moment reading what I have to say?

I hope that you would answer to deepen your understanding of systems and to find new and useful applications of them within your own life and business.  Or maybe you find my stuff entertaining and thus the purpose of you reading this post is to put a smile on your face (I am just using that as an example).

In my mind, it is less about the type of purpose and it is more that there does exist a purpose behind your actions.  Without purpose, your actions are relegated to waste.  I've learned personally that if you fill your life with purposeful actions that you will achieve your goals and objectives with regularity.

I challenge you to start right now by understanding the purpose of every action that you take.  Let's revisit the reason why you are reading my words at this very moment.  If you cannot seem to come up with a compelling purpose, take the purposeful action of unsubscribing.  I mean it.  I would hate to see you go but I care more about you as an individual than I do about you simply reading my stuff.  I would love to see you learn to take purposeful action toward whatever success you seek.

Now, if you do have a purpose behind reading, I'd love to hear your comment about it.  Also, feel free to take the purposeful action of forwarding this post to any of your friends, family, or business colleagues!

So back to the "lovebugs"€¦it turns out that the larvae, i.e. maggots live in grassy areas and feed on dead vegetation within the thatch.  This feeding leads to the release of nutrients into the soil.  This is a pretty impactful purpose for an insect in which the male dies immediately after mating and the average life span of the female is only long enough to lay eggs (3-4 days).

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