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What is the Most Appropriate Way for Your Jewelry Care?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 27   |   Comments: 0

How to keep your jewelry looking as its best and what is the most appropriate way for your cherished jewelry care? Just because you might begin to look a bit frazzled around the edges over the years but it doesn't mean your jewelry has to be... I wish this article could give you some useful guide or ideas...

Care for Clear Gem Jewelry: You may clean those clear gems on your jewelry such as diamonds, natural crystals, emeralds, amethyst, rubies, sapphires and all precious stones etc. in an ultrasonic cleaner if you wish. However, if there is any other type of stone in the setting than you should NOT use the ultrasonic cleaner. You can also clean gems with a mild liquid detergent and a soft brush. Dry with a non abrasive lint free cloth.

Care for Opaque Gem Jewelry: Do not put opaque gems such as cat's eyes, jade, turquoise and opals in an ultrasonic cleaner. It will damage the gems. Opaque gems are porous and will absorb cleansers and soap, which will build up inside the stones and discolor them over time. Be sure to clean your gems that opaque by wiping with a soft damp cloth.

Care for Organic Gem Jewelry: Organic gems such as pearls, corals, amber, shells should be clean and wipe with a soft damp cloth. Do not use chemical detergents. You can use ivory flakes to clean these gems. Opals are also susceptible to extreme high or low temperatures. Too much heat will make them dry out. For example, if you go outside into a freezing weather with an opal jewelry the opal maybe crack. In both cases your opal will turn into a history, so be careful.

Never wear jewelry of any type when you are cleaning around the house. The chemicals in household detergents can damage the metal in your jewelry and will destroy many types of gemstones. Yes, you'd best to remove your rings before wash your hands, as soap can damage porous stones, and hand or body lotion are harmful too.

When dressing, remember to put on your makeup, perfume or hairspray first always and wear your jewelry for last. All of these substances can pile up on your jewelry which will make your jewelry need more frequent cleaning and also dull their appearances. And some of these substances also could damage some types of gems, especially pearls.

Care for Gold and Platinum Jewelry: Both gold metal and platinum metal can be cleaned in warm sudsy water, or take the jewelry to a jewelry store for a steam cleaning. Then wipe the jewelry with a chamois or a soft cloth. Gold is weakened and becomes brittle with exposure to chlorine, but platinum can stand up to most chemicals. Your best choice with jewelry is to look for a cleaner that is safe for both the metal and the gemstone-ask your jeweler.

Care for Silver Jewelry: Silver tends to tarnish due to the metals it is alloyed with copper (usually) . Someone maybe had instructed you to clean your sterling silver with toothpaste, it's really wrong, as one kind of cleanser toothpaste it is abrasive and it will dull the finish over time with tiny scratches. You'd best use silver polish, and a no phosphate type detergent is also OK, or simply storing them in anti-tarnish bags or anti-tarnish jewelry boxes.

Care with Jewelry Storage: Do NOT store pearls in this type of bag or box, however, as you will damage the pearl. You can also buy a more expensive alloy of silver and platinum which will not tarnish. When you are going to swimming, be sure to take down your jewelry first, the chlorine in seawater will pit the metal, and harm some types of gemstones.

Last, be sure to store your jewelry pieces separately to avoid the pieces scratching one another. There are many jewelry boxes that are set up to keep jewelry separate, but you can also place some jewelry pieces in individual soft bags.

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