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What Is The Best Allergy Medicine For Me?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 14   |   Comments: 0

Allergic reactions are common in many human beings. Most people react to something. It is very normal and harmless though some reactions can lead to very dangerous occurrences. There are several drugs meant for treatment of allergies but you need to know which one is best for you. There is no standard best medicine for allergies as they all have side effects and the one that may be deemed best might be more harmful than useful to you. This is because of the side effects of the remedies. Knowing the side effects of treatments will give you a better judgment of the medicine.

Chamomile has helped many people get rid of allergic reactions. The problem with this natural remedy however, is the fact that it works for others while it does not for others. Chamomile is the rag weed family. Most allergic reactions are caused by exposure to ragweed and therefore someone who is already allergic to ragweed cannot use chamomile as a remedy. Try a cup of its tea and see for yourself as long as you are not allergic to ragweed. To counter allergies you may want to check out for coupons from my zyrtec coupon site.

Decongestants are also used as remedy for allergies. Decongestants might raise the blood pressure levels. They are opposite of antihistamines. They cause insomnia. When you take decongestants, you become more irritable and your urinary flow process is interrupted .They are however not good for people suffering from glaucoma or blood pressure issues because of its side effects. This is definitely not a remedy for hypertensive people.

Antihistamines are very popular. They have less serious side effects and in fact anyone can use them. Their only problem is that they cause drowsiness after taking them. You will have more tendencies of sleeping after taking a dose of these drugs. Nevertheless, there are antihistamines that are not sedative. They are prescribed by the doctor.

Steroids relieve the symptoms of allergic reactions. They are either given orally or inhaled. Oral steroids lead to weight gain, high blood pressure and also retention of fluids. These side effects are however short term and go away with time. Long term side effects include diabetes, cataracts, and muscle weakness. Some people also experience suppression in growth. They become stunted. If taken orally, you might get yeast infections in the mouth. Another good site is this claritin coupon site.

In conclusion, the best allergy medicine for you is one that will not cause harm in your present body condition. A doctor can help you settle on one.

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