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What is Meditation?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 19   |   Comments: 0

When people think about what it means to engage in meditation, the stereotypical image usually pops to mind is one of some sort of Chinese were Tibetan monk sitting on top of a mountain, contemplating the nature of the universe.

They see it as something that only people that are detached or unplugged from civilized society do, and don't view meditation as something that can be beneficial to them in their own lives. What people like this generally don't realize is that all meditation boils down to is indulging in the minds of natural tendency to contemplate how sure it is about the reality that surrounds it, and if they feel that stepping back and reassessing exactly where they stands in their own mind can't benefit them in some way, they're certainly missing out on the bigger picture.

There are a multitude of benefits to meditation, regardless of the frequency with which a person actually does it. Meditation is a very personal and  individualized journey inward, and as such no two people will meditate in quite the same way.

The active meditation does generally require a quiet, dimly lit environment in which a person can focus on the task at hand. Distractions, such as noise from television or radio, will take away from the experience.

During meditation, a person can think about either everything in their lives at once, or nothing at all. It is a way to allow the mind have time to process the vast amount of information it takes in on daily basis.

Every single thing that we encounter from day-to-day, even things we don't pay that much attention to, make an impression on us. The mind is literally overwhelmed by the sheer content of reality, and not taking the time to truly analyze the details of occurrences to take place in our daily living can lead to a skewed perspective, and mistakes in the decision-making process.

Every thought that passes through our heads is altered in some way by a psychological disposition that is unique to each individual person, and allowing oneself to meditate on things, and mentally replay certain events over again may allow fresh perspective to leak into our judgment.

If you've ever watched a really action-packed movie a second time through, you've probably realized that you're able to notice more detail that didn't seem as a parent on the first viewing.

For some people, meditation is a way of mentally watching the motion picture of one's own life a second time, so that all the details that we may have failed to dedicate a sufficient amount of thought to can begin to surface.

Through meditation, it's possible to avoid judging people and situations too prematurely. Even if you only have an hour a day of free time, which nearly everyone has their disposal, you can take the time to engage in this healthy reflection of yourself and your own behavior, and even use it to turn yourself into a better person.

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