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What is Massage and Massage Tips?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 35   |   Comments: 0

A massage is arguably one of the most pleasant ways to relax. You lie down comfortably, with pleasure accept caring gestures throughout the body, while still gives us a nice feeling that we care for someone.

Although massage is for most people decide until they are beginning a painful and thus once the back is too tight if they suffer intolerable headaches that radiates from neck to the top of the head, or when they have severe muscle pain. And you could just afford a massage more often and just like that, without reason, just for myself and for our welfare.

If you do not need a medical massage is best when you partner massage. This is not only you'll enjoy, wholesome, relaxing activities will be felt in the hands of those who your massages. In addition, it can also share massaging.

Types of massage: -

Classical massage
Infant massage
Lymphatic drainage
Chinese massage
Shiatsu massage
Foot massage - reflexology
Thai Massage

How to massage and massage techniques

For massage, we must take the time. Massage slowly and rhythmically.

Massage techniques:

Smoothing: the entire surface of hands describe a large circle around the body
Muscle techniques: large muscle compartments-neck, shoulders, arms, side back muscles, the buttocks, thighs, calves - knead, drawn and slightly ovijamo
Scrub: with the thumbs, fingertips or your fists put pressure on parts of the spine, the forearms, hands, feet or face.
Click: the rounded hands, the hands or face mezincevo with fists tap the softer tissues, hips, thighs and buttocks.

Where do we start and where we finish by massaging?

Start at the back: first treated neck and shoulders
Travelling with his hands down my back (massaging the spine and not be pushed after)
Through the buttocks and thighs up to the foot massage
Substantial foot massage (foot have thousands of nerve endings that are reflexively associated with whole body, and foot massage affects the whole body)
Followed by front side of the body
Door first, followed by the face and scalp to the shoulders, arms, hands and chest (for women only massaged area around the chest!)
Abdomen is extremely sensitive, so only božamo with light, circular motion clockwise through the hips down your leg down to the foot end massage place both hands on the partner's body and with them some time suspended
After the massage itself and partner enjoy a few minutes of rest

What causes the massage?

Heats and relaxes tense muscles
Stretches connective tissue decisions
Encourages streaming puree
Helps to improve breathing
Increases elimination of waste and toxic substances from the body
Nerve runs through the work of internal organs and regulate their operation
Coached by connective tissue fibers and helps the skin elasticity

When massage reaches its end?

Body must be heated before the massage, so take a warm bath massaging treat
Make sure the room temperature is adequate, you will not be cold and would be too cool
More comfortable to lie down and keep a suitable basis
Close your eyes during the massage and watch for breathing
Consciously monitor touch
Completely relax and enjoy the comfort is not move
After the massage some time lying quietly and enjoy the relaxation

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