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What Exactly Is The Master Cleanse?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 8   |   Comments: 0

The Master Cleanse program came from Stanley Burroughs in 1941. He also promoted pressure points and color therapy which has become more mainstream in natural therapy now. The Master Cleanse keeps becoming more and more popular as more people see the positive effects from it.  Our bodies are full of toxins that we obtain through the over consumption of food and the unhealthy eating habits we have pertaining to the type of food we are eating. Because of this our bodies have to work harder to keep us healthy because it's working so hard on pushing processed food with additives through us.

When we help flush our bodies out and give them a break from our constant eating we are not only removing toxins but we are boosting our overall health. The Master Cleanse was intended for this very thing.

Many celebrities like Beyonce have given their support of this program because it actually works. The Master Cleanse program is actually a diet consisting of a lemonade mixture taken for a minimum of ten days. Some people can go longer on the cleanse but those people have generally done the cleanse a few times and know their bodies can handle it.

The lemonade is mixed with maple syrup which actually gives you all the essential nutrients and minerals required by your body when you are fasting. Lemon juice is used because it contains potassium and maple syrup contains sucrose. Another benefit of lemon juice is that it is an antioxidant which helps the body remove free radicals which are bad for our health.

Another importance ingredient is the Cayenne powder.  The really hot stuff in Cayenne scientifically named as Capsaicin, helps to increase the body metabolism rate. Our bodies will automatically slow down when on a fast because it needs to conserve energy. The Cayenne powder also helps to dilute your blood so as to promote better circulatory flow of the blood in your body. Harmful toxins are expelled faster which is the ultimate expectation of the master cleanse.

You can only take between 6 to 12 glasses of this special lemonade every day. It's also recommended to do a salt water flush to help aid the body in cleansing all the accumulated waste inside your body. Believe me you are going to be eliminating some serious waste with the salt water flush.

The Master cleanse is not for everybody. If you are pregnant or are on medication, its best that you consult your regular physician before doing the Master Cleanse program.

There are many people talking about the master cleanse but by far this book provides the most in-depth analysis answers to all your questions about the Master Cleanse program.

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