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What does the H1N1 Virus have in common with Your Business Internet Money Online Opportunity?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 6   |   Comments: 0

You probably are wondering what could the H1N1 Virus (swine flu) have in common with your business internet money online opportunity.  You shouldn't be surprised to know that the synergy between them to help you help others and make money doing so is something you shouldn't miss out on. This is especially true for those of you who are medically inclined or in the health services industry and trying to make affiliate marketing your side business for making internet money online.

Everyone is hearing more and more about the H1N1 virus as we start to move into the flu season.  People are getting very nervous and I've already read that the number of infected students at our college campuses has risen to over 2000.  So what does that have to do with Affiliate Marketing and your business internet money online opportunity?  As a sales person you should always be looking for and thinking of opportunities.  You've heard a lot about niche markets or markets that have great potential.  Guess what?  Anything to do with the H1N1 virus right now is very hot and presents a great opportunity for you as a marketer to not only make this advantageous for you but you could also help your community, society and friends.  Apply your affiliate marketing skills to this niche market and a lot positive could happen!

Here are five things you can do to make this opportunity make you internet money online:

(1)    "Research this important societal issue - don't just sit back and accept everything you hear but really understand what the H1N1 virus is.  By doing this you will be bombarded with issues you never imagined all of which could be online internet money making opportunities. The more you learn the better a resource you will be to draw people to you and your product links.

(2)    €œFind out what impact it will have" - as the virus spreads, people will need more medicine, more thermometers, more masks, more water, more antibiotics, access to vaccines, more cleansers and cleaners.  I could go on and on but think what you could do with a campaign centering on the H1N1 virus and all the many affiliate links you could bring together to platform a marvelous money making opportunity?

(3)    "Be a sincerely caring person" - you have friends and family, neighbors and business associates who all will be directly or indirectly affected by the H1N1 virus.  During conversations you are having or are going to have with them, you can provide valuable information as a result of the research you've done.  Also, you can hand them a business card with information where you have started a web site they can visit to get more information to calm their fears and organize their thoughts on how to deal with this issue!

(4)    €œLink, backlink and blog - find all the links, backlinks, blog sites and networks that are talking about the H1N1 virus and link them to your web site.  You know that this will explode the opportunity for you to make affiliate money!

(5)    €œWrite articles about the virus - remember that affiliate or article marketing provides a great platform for you to inform people about this disease and then provide them with responsible article reporting to guide them and prepare them for the swine flu virus and upcoming flu season.

The H1N1 vaccine shots start arriving next month.  Will you and your business internet money online opportunity be ready?  If you start to prepare now you can be one of the first to provide a resource to help people prepare for this season as well as make money doing so using your affiliate marketing skills.  The H1N1 virus is not going to wait so neither should you.  Start preparing your affiliate marketing campaign today and you can be prepared for the H1N1 (swine flu) virus opportunity!

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