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What Do Painkillers Do To You?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 7   |   Comments: 0

From my Scientology understanding, drugs give a short, quick oblivion from immediate agony, and they permit the person to effect a repair. Short of this, they have extremely limited use.

It can be said that one has a choice of being dead with drugs or alive without them. So one wonders why so many choose drugs.

Drugs block unwanted sensation, unwanted emotion. This emotion is really created mental imaging from the mind and the life-force which is you. This emotion turns off during the period of being drugged. But it starts again as soon as the drug wears off. So really, using drugs to handle unwanted emotions is not a workable philosophy. Plus, a compulsion sets in whereby a person needs more drugs so as to be rid  of the unwanted emotional sensations again. And a greater quantity of drugs is required each time the user takes them.

By naming painkillers as a category we can include aspirins, tranquilizers and sleeping pills. Usually the finding of what drug suppresses what pain and emotion is accidental.

The pain and discomfort of a psychosomatic nature (illnesses stemming from the mind) come via what we in Scientology know as mental image pictures. These images are created by life itself to use as memory, and they contain pain and discomfort so as to warn us of pending loss, or possible destruction of the host organism - our body. Thus, these emotions have a real use, and to deaden them is not the solution.

Aspirin and pain depressants inhibit the ability of the being to create these mental image pictures and they also impede the electrical conductivity of nerve channels.

Thus, with one's warning channels rendered inoperative, one's warning systems down, the being himself is rendered "stupid, blank, forgetful, delusive and irresponsible." He also "gets into a wooden sort of a state, unfeeling, insensitive, unable and definitely not trustworthy...."

So this is the really what is happening. There are real uses for our emotions. To deaden them, make them inoperative is not a sensible thing. Furthermore, as one gets older the body fat tissue slowly builds up the drug deposit residue in minute amounts, making the person more and more deadened. Short of the Scientology Purification Rundown, I do not know what else truly rids the body of these drug toxins. As said, these drugs do have a use, but they are short-term. To continue their use beyond a time to repair the body can be considered an abuse.

I hope this article helps the reader. Good luck!

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