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What do do during a Tupperware party - Dads guide to Survival

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 29   |   Comments: 0

The day finally arrives, the Tupperware party. The wife is in absolute panic mode getting the house straight and everything just so. Woe-betide the kids or Hubby if we get in the way.

Then we have to arrange the lounge room/ back deck/patio to accommodate the ensuing presentation by the Tupperware lady, as soon as she arrives the kids are all over her like a rash. Then its "OK have a nice afternoon where are you taking them"..............

I would not have a clue, I`ve got between 2pm and 6pm on a Sunday afternoon to keep myself and the kids entertained.

First up straight round to the shop for some supplies, Sunday paper coffee- large, lollies and juice. then its off to the park for the afternoon. In the first 45 minutes I've got through the paper done the coffee, the kids are lollied out and are braying for more I put them off by saying well get some more later...... Later arrives and we leave the park, Where are we going now dad, Erm maybe we will go down to the beach for an hour

Three hours to go, We park at the end of the beach and then go for a walk half way down the beach Miss 4 wants to be carried and Miss 7 wants me to look after her massive shell collection, Which is mostly rocks big enough to build a new harbour wall!! we wonder back to the car .

Two hours to go, its 4pm and the football has started on the telly... I'm in the car park at the beach. Fishing through the contacts list on my phone I stumble across Troys number, why didn't I think of that before I give him a call, "hello mate what are you up to this afternoon" I say  "oh not much Marty, Stu and Mike have all turned up out of the blue with their kids, we are watching the footy"....  You haven't got room for three more have you, I will pick up some sausages for the Kids". "Great come round is the reply"

The kids are happy to hang out with their buddies I'm happy to hang out with my buddies.

I cant belive all the Dads with the kids didn't organise properly in the week, but that's what Dads do. leave it to the last minute.

6pm comes and goes, mobile phones are ringing "where are you?" the Tupperware party finished ages ago and we realise that the happy children are gettin't a bit feral!! and its a school night.!! time to go home.

The wife's got a new plastic cereal container... free, so shes happy. I clean up the remnants of the dips and fruit platters, move all the furniture back into place.  not a bad day in the end really.

However I strongly recommend boys that the moment you get wind of one of these Parties, I suggest you furnish yourself with a guest list  then phone the respective  partners and talk on what you are going to do.

Good luck.


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