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What Causes Angular Cheilitis - Ways To Stop Embarrassing Angular Cheilitis

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 45   |   Comments: 0

What Causes Angular Cheilitis

Angular Cheilitis, also known as Perleche or Stomitis is a fungal, bacterial infection. It usually occurs as cracked corners of the mouth with lesions resembling something like infected paper cuts. There are usually crusty red areas which at their worst are very painful when trying to eat or talk. In extreme cases sores and ulcers may develope that bleed and may even release pus. Most people who are afflicted with this condition endure quite a few attacks each year, each lasting weeks or even months.

Sometimes I can't decide if it's a more painful or a more embarrassing condition. I guess both. The lesions are supposedly not contagious, but let's face it, who would want to come close to your face anyway looking the way it does?

There are a number of causes of angula cheilitis. A lack of vitamins, especially the B's, and minerals is one cause. As is being out in cold weather, toothpaste and cosmetics, the candida yeast, improper fitting dentures, a persistent pooling of saliva by those who have drooping corners of the mouth and the list goes on. So you see each person's cause of the condition can be different depending on your situation. What Causes Angular Cheilitis

The doctors have a number of different treatments for this condition, depending on what they think is causing it. The first is usually a greasy, useless 1% hydro cortisone cream. Other prescriptions might be medical antifungals such as nystatin and econazole. Many people have tried many prescriptions without any relief of the condition.

Some natural remedies are the use of vitamin E oil or aloe which help to keep wetness from penetrating the area. You need to keep the infected area as dry as possible. This means drinking liquids from a straw, and not putting any moisture lotions or creams on the area. Also increasing vitamin B and mineral uptake.

I have seen where lip balms and petroleum jelly have been recommended, but these actually seal in the moisture, which you don't want. In the first place you should never use petroleum jelly because just as it's name proclaims it is a petroleum based product and not good for your skin. Get unpetroleum jelly from the health food store it works the same, without the chemicals. What Causes Angular Cheilitis

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