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What Are The Causes Of Chlamydia?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 36   |   Comments: 0

What do you know about sexually transmitted diseases or STD's? Do you know even one of those diseases? How can you tell or how would you know if you have one? And do you know how to prevent or cure such diseases? Featured in this article is one of the most common STD's today.

Learn more about Chlamydia Symptoms and Detection Testing  

Chlamydia or Chlamydia infection is a sexually transmitted disease in humans caused by the Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria. For other organisms, infection could be caused by other members of the Chlamydiaceae family.  The infection occurs mostly in young adults, people living in urban places, African natives, and people who are in the lower economic class. It is major cause of human genital and eye diseases.

Chlamydia, being an STD, can be transmitted to you via vaginal, anal, or oral sex. Thus, having a very active sexual life and multiple sex partners could greatly increase your chances of getting infected. Also, having sexual relationships with high-risk people could increase your chances of being infected. These high-risk people include prostitutes and night clubbers.

Chlamydia infection has symptoms that are mild or absent. But surely, if you evade treatment, it will lead to severe complications. It is generally difficult to observe symptoms in women. But Chlamydia infection in women can induce abdominal twinge, regular vaginal bleeding upon sexual intercourse, unnecessary discharge from vagina, or intense pain during urination. It could be also difficult to detect infections in men, since Chlamydia infection is asymptomatic. Testicle inflammation and pain could be an indication. These symptoms, as you might think, are quite simple but ignoring these could lead to more serious and fatal conditions. When these symptoms show on your body, immediate medical check-up should be done.

Detecting Chlamydia infection usually involves laboratory testing and analysis, since it often shows no symptoms in the body. The health practitioner would usually take samples such as urine and pus from your genitals. These samples are viewed under a microscope to see if there are the Chlamydia bacteria. Physical examinations could also be done as routine to check the tenderness of your vaginal or penis area. During these tests, there is chance that you could also be checked for other sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea.
When you're diagnosed with a Chlamydia infection, they would just prescribe the appropriate medicine for it. And this medicine is usually an antibiotic and should be taken as prescribed. With a religious intake of these drugs, your Chlamydia infection could be cured.

If in case you choose not to be treated, the consequences could make you suffer in the long run. Women could develop pelvic inflammatory diseases that would lead to perihepatitis, a liver disease. Worse case is that infertility could happen. Infected women could also transmit the disease to a defenseless new born baby. This baby would suffer from eye and respiratory infections. For men, untreated infection could lead to the Reiter syndrome.

So to avoid these long term effects, Chlamydia infection should be treated immediately. Early detection is important so visiting a STD clinic is very much beneficial.

Call today to set up your confidential STD test at the location nearest you.

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