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What are the Best Combs to Comb Lice Out: Are Electric Combs Worth the Added Expense?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

To comb lice out is one of the most powerful procedures to rid lice of your children's hair. Head lice and nits grab onto the scalp and each hair stubbornly, but when you comb lice using a fine-toothed lice combs they will pull out these nasty parasites. However, will an electric lice comb, such as the Liceguard Robi Comb or the Quantum Magicomb, work better than the traditional lice combs?

Electric lice combs are basically combs with teeth that are closely spaced together, and run on only one AA-sized battery. They create a small electric shock that kills the head lice when you are combing through your child's hair.

It is important to note that to only use the electric head lice combs only on dry hair. Do not use conditioner, olive oil, or mayonnaise on your hair when you are using the electric head lice comb, because it can create quite a shock for your child! Definitely discouraging them to continue with this needed treatment program!

The way to comb lice out of the hair with an electric head lice comb is the same as a regular comb: comb the hair from near the roots all the way down to the tips of the hairs Take additional precaution to avoid the eyes, ears, or mouth areas of your son or daughter --the slightest shock can be quite unpleasant.

Remember, that like all other lice combs, electric combs primarily work by removing the lice, but not the eggs(the nits). The nits hold onto the end of the hair with a special kind of super glue, so removing them often takes pinching them off or cutting the hair strand entirely.

When you eliminate head lice by using a battery operated lice combs remember to do it every day for fourteen days. This is normally enough time to rid the hair of this infestation. To play it safe many cautious parents extend the process to twenty one days.

Electric lice combs can vary in price from $20 to $100, however, you can purchase an excellent one from the $25-$35 range. A local drugstore may offer them, but you can also search on line for companies that specialize in head lice combs. There are several websites that have excellent head lice comb reviews that review the the very best electric and non electric combs to purchase.

Remember, if you want to rid head lice with lice combs, whether electric lice combs or the basic lice combs, it should not be your only natural remedy for head lice. Parents have been very successful in alternating one day with the electric and another day with the regular type of head lice comb. If you want to rid lice even quicker some parents insist on using both types of combs every day.

Also, an excellent and necessary part of this treatment and prevention plan should be the regular washing of: clothes, beddings, and upholstery. Use very hot water whenever possible to kill these lice.

In summary, an electric comb is an excellent means to comb lice out of your children's hair. But, it should be used in conjunction with other home remedies such as a non electric comb, and washing all clothes and fabric that come in contact with your children's hair.

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