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Weight Loss Success Recipe

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

What are the secret ingredients for weight loss? It?s not a magical diet pill or anything you can buy in a bottle. The secret is not any organic health food or low fat, low sugar foods, although these things help and are needed for weight loss success.

To really succeed at losing weight the recipe is weight loss motivation, total commitment and knowledge.

Getting Motivated for Weight Loss

Finding the right motivation can be the key to weight loss and no loss Motivation is all about getting encouraged to do something challenging. So look for ways you can excite yourself to lose weight. Here are a few weight loss motivation tips to help you get excited about losing weight.

Grab a friend and lose weight together. Remember that everyone will lose weight at different rates so don?t get upset loses faster than you. Use this friend to vent your feelings and thoughts on weight loss.

Stay motivated by tracking and recording your weight loss. Using tracking tools is a great your advancement. You can find a weight loss chart on-line to download and use or create your own. You can record and monitor your calories eaten, exercise calories and inches lost. Seeing your progress visually is a excellent motivator.

Build a bonus plan and give yourself a reward when you reach a 5 pound or even 2 pound loss. You can also reward yourself for having a healthy week even if you didn?t lose weight. Just create a reward system that keeps you motivated during your weight loss challenge.

Lastly, be your own best friend by writing down your own motivational saying. Make it something you can relate to and get motivated by it. Post it where you can read it often when you need a jolt in your motivation.

Get Committed to Lose Weight

Secondly after weight loss motivation you want to find commitment to lose weight. (Don?t simply say|It?s not as easy as saying|It takes more than just saying} you want to lose the weight but really commit to it by writing it down. Build a weight loss plan and set goals. You should have your final goal, the one where you state you want drop 2 dress sizes or lose so many inches.. This is the big challenge you are setting up for.

Develop smaller goals that you can use to gauge your progress. For example you can establish weekly and even monthly goals. These can be anything from ?I want to add 30 minutes of exercise 3 to 4 times a week? to ?I want to lose 2 inches this week?. Make your goals realistic so that you don?t get upset and lose motivation. Read your goals often to remind yourself of what you want to achieve for the week, month or day.


You cannot productively perfom a plan unless you have the right information. Find out all about what it will take for you to achieve weight loss. Understand the proper calorie intake for weight loss and how many calories you burn.

To lose weight you must create a calorie shortage. You burn calories each day doing your normal everyday activities and even while sleeping. This is what is known as your basal metabolic rate (BMR). Your BMR is determined by using your height and weight, gender and age and activity level.

Once you understand your BMR then you can alter and create a calorie deficit. You can do this be either consuming fewer calories or by adding more activity or both. Studies show that by adding exercise in addition to following a weight loss plan you lose weight faster and are more apt to keep the weight off, so you should plan for eating healthy as well as adding exercise to your weight loss plan.

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