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Weight Loss - Lose 1/2 Kilo A Week, The Easy Way

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 32   |   Comments: 0
How to lose half a Kilo a week the easy way.

There are many great programs for losing weight. Exercise, strict diets, good health things to do.

Would you like to find a way to trim down without making any major changes in your life?

Think about this, a kilo of fat takes about 7,000 calories to form.

If you could change your diet to drop about 500 calories a day then you could potentially drop 3,500 calories a week which equates to about half a kilo.

It is sort of logical, in fact it is very logical. Think about it, you decide to lose weight and arrange an exercise program. You go out walking every day to burn some calories. What is you can affect your energy balance by simply dropping calories out of what you eat rather than eating them and then having to burn them.

How do you do that? Check this:

What do you have for breakfast?

If you currently have:

Bagel with cream cheese & coffee with sugar and milk

And you swap for:

Toasted English muffin with light cream cheese & coffee with skim milk or nonfat creamer

YOU SAVE 500 Calories!

What about what you drink during the day?

If you currently have:

500ml soft drink, 1 cup orange juice & the 2nd glass of wine.

If you swap for:

Unlimited water, naturally flavored soda water and unsweetened tea

YOU SAVE 500 Calories!

Think about your lunch choices.

If you currently have a sandwich,


Sub roll, mayo, high fat meats & cheese (bologna, salami, pastrami, etc)

Choose instead:

Whole wheat bread, spicy mustard, lean turkey or ham, reduced fat cheese

YOU SAVE 500 Calories!

Your Snacks?

Instead of:

Chocolate bar, chips, 20oz soda


Baby carrots, string cheese and an apple

And YOU SAVE 500 Calories!

What about Dinner?

Instead of choosing:

Steak, French fries, dinner roll, buttered vegetables

If you substitute:

Grilled chicken or fish, baked potato, saut?ed spinach (in with a little extra virgin olive oil & garlic)

YOU SAVE 500 Calories!

So think about this. Simple changes, inconvenient changes maybe, annoying changes possibly, but if you can find just ONE change like the ones listed here every day then you can save 500 calories a day. 500 calories a day is 3,500 calories a week. 3,500 calories equates to half a kilo of fat.

If you add nutrition supplements to you diet it is a very good thing, you should look into it. Exercise is a good thing, you should look into it.

In the meantime you can make simple changes every day and if you stick to it then you can reduce your calories by the equivalent of half a kilo of fat a week, 2 kilos a month, over 20 kilos a year.

Think about doing all the best things, the exercise, the nutrition supplements, the planned diet, but if while you think about them you just get started today with these simple steps we have talked about you can get things moving in the right direction immediately

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