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Website Monetization through Intangible Products

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0

Today, a great number of people are involved in the process making money through the source of internet. Myriad of tricks have been discovered to earn good moolah from the online businesses and in fact, one such incredible technique comes from the source of free content website, which is backed by affiliate marketing concept. As for instance, if your website is only offering information about a particular subject and is not involved in selling any service or product then you may try selling advertising. This is quite a favorite business to many web masters, who through their intelligent affiliate marketing tactics, easily generate money by free content on any topic and sell space on your site.

However, as success never comes easy, this advertising concept too has its own pitfalls and benefits. First, if you are making a website only with the motive of offering free ad space, you have to develop a serious, proficient, content-rich web site after analyzing your audience. Secondly, the theme of your website should well match the kind of advertisements you are placing on your site.

When it comes to internet, what majorly people want is information and this is the reason why intangible products on web are much easier than advertising materialistic objects. Today, an extensive array of qualified content as news, information, opinion's, pictures, audio, video, downloadable software is available on the net for selling purposes. Such items have a different type of payment basis like subscription fees, pay-per-item, etc.

To combat this bottle neck competition sustaining in the market, ensure to sell highly specialized content in heavy volumes. Provide an extensive range of item in your business model and let your website flashed as a reference for that sorts of content and of course, a good source for affiliate marketing as well.

Affiliate networks: This really works. Try to participate in all big ad networks such as Commission Junction, Fastclick or TradeDoubler as a publisher and browse an entire index of hundreds of advertisers to select the most appropriate companies, products and ad units for your website. Also, you need to be very careful about choosing your apposite revenue model. Broadly, there are 4 major models:

    PPC (Pay-per-click): With this module, you will get paid every time a visitor goes to your advertiser's site through the banner or text link placed on your site. This is quite apt for sites covering a particular topic and bringing a good amount of visitors on regular basis.

    Pay-per-impression: Every tine a visitor views the page where the advertiser's banner or link is placed, you will get paid. It is mostly chosen by sites having general and heavily traffic.

    Pay-per-lead: This is a little demanding model of the entire affiliate marketing concept. According to this, you will receive the payment only when a visitor performs a given action on the advertiser's site. It is mostly opted by sites discussing a specific topic and whose visitors have shown interest in the product/service/company advertised.

    Pay-per-sale: This indeed, is the toughest. You will get paid only when a product or service is sold out to a visitor coming from your site to the advertiser's site. They are best for sites covering directly the product/service/company advertised such as sites on reviews, price comparison etc.

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