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Website Affiliate Program- Why Do You Need A Website

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 28   |   Comments: 0

Website affiliate program - if you want to be successful in affiliate marketing you must to know that your own affiliate website is critical to the success of your affiliate program

A website is critical to the success of your affiliate program. Today people expect a business to have a website. Websites are so cheap there is  no reason you should not have one. So the simple answer is, you need a website so people can find you.  There  are many other reasons to have a website, but this is the most basic. It will  also help build trust

Can use a free website?

That depends on whether you want to be seen as someone amateur  or someone who is a professional. 
People don'  trust  a free website because all free websites have  advertising on them that has nothing to do with the topic of the website. These will be links that point back to the service allowing you to use their  free website building and hosting service
The only free website is an affiliate website

There are some affiliate sites that are already set up with a product on them , or several products on them. The drawback to these sites is you do not  really own them

Another kind of affiliate website is one where a hosting company allows you  to build a website using their free website builder, and they will provide hosting for you for free also.  
The problem with these websites is :

- there will most likely be links and/or banners on your site that  promote the hosting company.
-  your domain name will be what's called a subdomain of the  hosting provider

If you are trying to sell something on this site, how professional does that  look. Your site  looks like a hobby site, not like a  professional site. 

Now here is what is the biggest problem of all with an affiliate site.  

If the affiliate site goes out of business, your business is gone.  You don'  own anything.  If they go out of business, you do to .

But, if you own your website, you are in control.  If a product you are promoting stops being produced, you just find a new product.  If your hosting company goes out of business, you simply move to a new one.  You  can also promote as many different products as you want. 

The bottom line is, you need to get your own website. There is absolutely no reason you should not have your own website

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