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Weaving Looms

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 35   |   Comments: 0

A weaving loom is a functional machine which has been there since ages. It mainly serves in weaving fabrics, rugs and various other fabrics. When you consider buying a loom for your project or requirement, there are various aspects which you should consider before making your decision. His will help you in identifying the best machine from the lot and also in deriving the best results.

While thinking of buying a weaving loom, you should consider what you want to weave, for instance, fabric, rugs, or tapestry. Secondly you also need to consider how big a piece do you intend to weave, how much space do you have, and what are your skills and interests? If you are buying the weaving loom for the first time then you can always look for inkle loom or a rigid heddle loom. Aforesaid looms are easy to work with and are small and provide you with valuable insight into many aspects of weaving. In a weaving loom, the width indicates how wide a fabric you will be able to weave, however the length can be many yards on floor looms and it is often limited on rigid heddle or table looms.

One of the good weaving looms which you can buy is the 4-harness table loom. This version of the weaving loom is cheaper and can be moved easily. However, the table loom is hand-operated and therefore much slower than a floor loom. Also because of its low weight and width, the weaving possibilities are limited. Apart from few limitations, the table loom is popular and is appreciated by beginners, demonstration purposes, samples and workshops. Another great buy is the floor loom but you should consider it in case when you have enough floor space. Compared to the table loom, this counterpart is heavier and sturdier and works much faster. The floor weaving loom also offers more possibilities and gives a better shed because of its greater depth. Some of the floor looms are light and can be folded, whereas some of the others are heavier and engage more space. If you plan on weaving mostly rugs a heavy, the floor loom should be your first choice.

There are many manufacturers of the weaving looms. The manufacturer should be one of your main concerns while buying. It is better to look for a value based product rather than looking for one which is cheaper. Also consider the flexibility of working and space requirements a weaving loom offers. Make a budget and work accordingly as it helps to shortlist a few looms so as to compare between them. Carefully read the reviews and also check for warranties and discounts which most of the suppliers offer. This way you can get the best value for your money as well as a loom which will help you weave your imagination onto the fabric.

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