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Wealth Management For Men And How Garden Buildings Work As Positive Investments

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

Have you heard the saying that every man needs a shed?  Well, the small but growing garden buildings industry is testament to that need.  In the early days, the concept had been compared to the early conservatory market but it has grown much faster than expected and in an inverse manner. Rather than marketing to high end clients and filtering down, this industry has neglected its upper range until very lately with small businesses and home workers providing the bulk of growth.  As the awareness of the concept of outdoor living unfurls, the garden buildings market sector growth will increase more than the expected 7% annually from 2010, exceeding its UK value of £140million in 2012.

Understanding the aspirations of our professional, high earning clients takes experience. Some clients are time poor, requiring a rapid grasp of their needs to assure that their properties are flawlessly enhanced and protected with attentively planned, compatible garden buildings. Other clients prefer active collaberation in all choices and expect a complete series of services attuned to meet their technological and environmental needs. Such excellence is hard to find, currently, as there is a surfeit of mainland UK garden rooms companies trading with a limited variety of designs and just a select few Irish business owners with the necessary dexterity and experience in this sector. Helping professional clients accomplish lifetime ambitions is a relevant endeavor for bright futures in this sector.

The successful, professional man may have altered his portfolio in the last year to benefit from the unprecedented stock market shifts. Property in this high value bracket has held fast in terms of value but sales have slowed throughout 2009 as buyers shop for something truly outstanding for their money. Incorporating a detached garden studio suite clearly awakens curiosity in potential buyers in this modern lifestyle attraction.

Adding an appealing, complementary garden building is a worthwhile way in which to secure a return on property investment as it offers the potential to enhance quality of life. As an asset used to offset tax, such an addition allows scope as a business entertainment venue or personal office suite. However, I would suggest that clients insist upon open access to an experienced garden room designer for assurance of the quality of work that you expect, with a long-term insurance backed warranty. Garden rooms are multi-purpose spaces and are best created with a function in mind: lakeside relaxation, pool and spa suite, shooting lodge, beach house, painting studio, entertainment lodge, teenage retreat or peaceful study suite.

Professional, successful men who purchase bespoke garden rooms benefit from the deliberate value and featured interest added to their property investments. The fact that there is an instant payback benefit in terms of lifestyle enhancement is a bonus. Having such a versatile, dedicated personal space can refine one's mental clarity in preparation for the next level in professional or benevolent projects. Garden buildings which are responsibly sourced and engineered for thermal efficiency will attract the discerning client who seeks to reduce his impact on the environment and enhance his own credentials. The client can expect to increase the value of his properties comparably with the value of his garden building project.  A win-win and most enviable position.

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