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Ways to Increase Your Catalog Response with Freebies

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 7   |   Comments: 0

I was just browsing through one of the latest catalogs of a very popular cosmetic networking company. One thing I noticed is that from page 1 to the very end of the catalog printing, the copy was nothing short of discounts and free gifts made available for those ordering from the list. Everywhere you look - from the top of the page to the footer, you can see so many reminders that if you buy something at a certain price, you can avail of a certain discount for another item. It very well caught my eye because it was splashed in bold and brilliant colors of red, yellow and gold. You really wouldn't be able to miss them!

Interesting. But how can you use this strategy to your own marketing efforts? By splashing your own catalog printing, even if they're cheap catalogs, with discounts and freebies, you'll be able to encourage your target readers to order from your list right away.

Too often a marketer that uses collaterals such as cheap catalogs feels that their catalog is complete and ready to go to press if they happen to have every product and service included in the list. They often forget that what makes a catalog sellable are the many not-so-little features that one can add to increase one's potential to make a sale. And that is to include any promo or gimmick to provide your target readers with free items.

Who doesn't like anything that is free? I have never known anyone who rejected a freebie or a discount. A promotional offer or two do help buyers overcome their resistance to buy anything. They are designed to persuade the reader of a catalog not only to purchase but to buy more of the given item.

Here are some of the best practices many marketers and business owners use to increase their response from their catalog printing:

Free shipping. Studies have shown that free shipping increases the returns of catalogs by 20% or more. However, an offer of free shipping doesn't come without a cost to the marketer. Thus, not everybody can afford to make this particular offer. But what one marketer has done is to provide instead flat rate shipping, where he charged his customers with a flat shipping rate no matter the size of their order. He found out that there was no difference at all with the response that he got from the flat rate versus the free shipping. This would be more agreeable for many business owners as they can offer a shipping guarantee for less the cost of the normal shipping rates, and they still get to cover their costs in freight.

Free gifts. You can offer these for every purchase made on a particular product. It works well if the freebie you provide complements the product that was purchased by your customer.

Discounts. Especially when done in dollar amounts, can increase the response to your catalogs. Customers and clients agree to this more often because they can actually relate to the actual amount of the dollar as opposed to that provided in percentage. A $1.99 off is easier to understand than the 20% as they don't need to calculate anymore the exact amount that they get as discount.

So encourage more customers to order from your cheap catalogs. Offer something extra and they would more likely purchase from your list of products and services whenever they read your catalog.

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