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Ways To Deal With Bad Inbound Links

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 8   |   Comments: 0

Many times the webmasters face a peculiar problem. This problem is posed by spammy websites that put low quality links to your website and thus decrease the value of your website. These bad links in reality don't do any good for your website instead they make your website weak. These bad links are also hard to remove and it is impossible to do anything about them. The spammy websites mostly link a good website to a link farm which puts bad links on it. Sometimes a rival can spam by using the URL of a good website. Though there is hardly anything you can do about these bad links, yet they should not bother you excessively as most of these bad links are low ranking websites. They hence, can't do too much of a harm to your website.

Ways to deal with bad links

There are many ranking factors that determine the Google page rank. Just having a few bad links should not be taken too seriously. Instead, it is important to take other steps to counteract this problem. Some of the steps that you can take to negate the influence of the bad links on your website are:

  The links on the website does help in its ranking but that is one of the many other factors. If you can't remove the bad links from your website, then try to improve the other factors of the website like, its content, appearance and structure. You should also give importance to the keyword density in your content and try to make the keyword appear in other web pages.

  You can directly request the spammy websites to remove the bad links to your website but if they don't do so, you can just leave it as it is. Asking Google to remove will not be feasible as Google won't do it for you.

  The links that you have access to can be used for getting better ranking instead of trying to remove the stubborn bad link.

  Try to analyze the factors that optimize your website ranking. Use the optimization tools that can optimize the ranking of your website. It is not necessary to influence the ranking and indexing for webpage optimization.

  The bad links are lowly ranked websites and can't influence the ranking of your website much. If you wish to take some action against the spammy websites then report them through Google €˜spam report' and €˜paid link report' forms.

  Your web site should have high quality web pages and good website navigation. Web page contents must be Search Engine Optimized so that it gets high ranking in the Google listing.

  Try and get high quality inbound links to your sites. The high quality of the links will protect your website from the impacts of the low grade bad links.

The most important thing to remember is that links are just one of the many ranking factors that help in ranking of websites. A few bad links to your website can't lower the importance and ranking of your website.

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