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Water Damage Repair Tips In San Diego

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 29   |   Comments: 0

Water Repair Tips in San Diego - Water Damage Remediation Overview

One of the worst situations to attempt to handle with a dirty carpet is water stains.  These stains can soak deeply into the fiber of the carpet and even beneath the surface to create a real mess that's not only difficult to clean, but that also leaves a musty smell behind.  Below you'll find information regarding some basic tips for San Diego rug cleaning that will minimize this problem.

San Diego Rug Cleaning Tip - Remove as Much Water as Possible

The first step towards properly dealing with water damage repair is to dry the area as much as possible.  This can be accomplished with rags, towels or even a mop if there is enough water present to necessitate that level of help.  After the initial clean-up has been completed, you need to take the next step and remove any obstacles to the drying process.

These obstacles include furniture, which needs to be either removed or placed on blocks so that the floor's foundation can be exposed to the atmosphere.  This will prompt faster drying.  You should also lift any drapes off the floor and remove any area rugs that were in place before the problem arose.  Perhaps the most critical San Diego rug cleaning tip is that you should not use any electrical appliances such as vacuums while standing in a wet area for obvious electrical shock concerns.

Water Damage Remediation - Deal with Mold before it Spreads

After you think you've dried the area as well as possible, you need to take immediate water damage remediation steps to either prevent or to minimize the buildup of mold that often follows the soaking of a carpet.  Mold is an extremely difficult substance to deal with, and its presence can actually lead to health problems if people are exposed to it in high amounts.

After the carpet is as dry as possible, you'll need to attack the mold with a strong disinfectant to kill the microscopic molecules that usually serve as a spreading agent for the mold.  Concentrate on the areas where the water was voluminous, but err on the side of over-disinfecting, as mold can arise with even a minuscule amount of persistent water.  Bleach is not necessary, but a strong cleaning agent will be in order to prevent this unwanted spread.

Finally, if you feel that the water damage is simply too widespread to handle with at-home remedies, seek the help of a professional San Diego rug cleaning service.  Star Carpet & Flooring has been helping people in the area for years, so contact the company today to obtain a fast and accurate quote.

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