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Watch your thoughts

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 18   |   Comments: 0

Watch your thoughts, for they become your words. Watch your words, for they become your actions. Watch your actions, for they become your habits. Watch your habits, for they become your character. Watch your character, for that becomes your destiny. 

In a very real sense, thought create physical things, situations and relationship. Thoughts are very powerful for good or bad. Every thing, every situation, every relationship that exists today was originally a figment of some ones imagination; a thought.

Take my clinic, Dublin Therapeutic Massage Clinic, for example and follow the process of its conception and birth. The place I was working in closed down. I thought to myself - €˜what am I going to do now?'

For the months preceding this news, myself and two colleagues were dreaming about winning the Euromillions lottery and using the money to open our own health and wellness clinic with massage and healing treatments, relaxation classes, healing workshops, grounds to walk, swim, explore and be refreshed in. Just a dream. A large dream, but why dream small? If you only ever dream small, you will never see your full potential. If you want to be wealthy for example, dreaming small while betting in the stock market will only return small results. The bigger the dream the greater the rewards can be.

When we got the news that the centre was closing, we all wanted to continue practicing massage in some capacity. We each began to make individual plans. Then someone thought €˜let's do this together'. Three of us thought that was a great idea.

We got to work thinking, making plans, looking at premises, drawing up business plans, attending business lectures and seminars, applying for finance and more planning. We dreamed, were practical in our steps and one by one took them. We made decisions. We listened to our instincts. We lived and breathed this new dream. We poured all our time and effort into it and five months after we heard our jobs were gone, we had opened our own clinic and brought our dream to reality.

Our dreams became our conscious thoughts. Each thought was assessed and either acted upon or dismissed depending on how we felt it fit into our overall dream. Every thought we acted upon can now be seen in reality in our clinic. Our thoughts have been wilful and positive, eager and trusting and now they are very real.

We continue to dream and think and decide and act, growing ourselves and our clinic, moving ever closer to our original big dream. We haven't won the lottery yet, but we are still finding the means to live our dream. And we still dream our dreams as if we are coming into that money. It keeps our dreams big, pushing us to find new possibilities within ourselves that we would never otherwise have thought of.

So give time to your thoughts. What you think now becomes your reality tomorrow, next week, next year, 10 years. We believed in our dream and were always positive about it, and because of that, we had the energy and determination to see it through. If, at any stage we had doubts or fears, our dream would still be just that, a dream living in the depths of our minds, if we had even got that far.

The only things you can make happen are things that you think about. Would there be such things as aeroplanes if people didn't dream of flying? Or space ships if people weren't curious about what was out there? Or the internet if people didn't think about their loved ones/business partners on the other side of the world? Or Dublin Therapeutic Massage Clinic if someone hadn't thought to work together rather than separately? Of course not. If the thought is not there first what is there to act upon?

So, if you only think about what you don't want, such as €˜I don't want to be poor/alone', what do you think you will get. Thinking €˜I don't want to be poor/alone' shuts doors, keeping you always poor or alone. If you put all your effort into thinking what you don't want, you have no time, thoughts or energy left to figure out what you do want and to act decisively to achieve that. Alternatively, if you think €˜I want wealth/love', you will spend time and effort working towards those things and be open to solutions and ways of achieving these desires. When you are in this state you are more likely to take action and begin to move towards what you want, rather than away from it.

Positive thinking creates questions, which beg answers, which lead to solutions, which require action, which leads to results. The results can come back on first impressions as positive or negative. If they are positive, great. Job done. Next dream. But, if at first you view them as negative - stop. Look again, viewing the results as a scientist would, i.e. as feedback. Use that information and see if there is something you can do differently.

Always feedback. Never failure.

Now, go again and keep going, trying different directions until you get the result you want. The life you dreamed of is there. You just have to think about them, refining them along the way and putting your thoughts into action.

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