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Watch, a Friend of My Father

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 33   |   Comments: 0

Father has been out of work for three years, but he still keeps his working habits. Every morning, he gets up very early on schedule and walks aroud our building for half an hour. Then at seven o'clock, he will go home and prepare breakfast for us.
Father's good habit is deeply related to his panerai watch which he never gets off his wrist and even he goes to bed he has it also. I remember that when I was a little kid, father's watch was the pride of our family. Twenty years ago, owning a panerai watch was as special as driving a Benz car today. Father would not buy such a luxurious watch if he didn't attend that awarding meeting. The meeting was a provincial one and almost everyone who attended it had a watch. Though a watch was very expensive for a man who had an ordinary work and fed a big family, but father bought a panerai watch. Our family was happy and proud for father's watch for what a great watch it was. When I went to my primary school, I often asked my classmates "Do your father have a watch? My father has one, a golden watch." "Vow, that's great." They said jealously. Therefore, my father's watch became my pride to show off my classmates. At that time, people didn't have clocks at home. So many of my neighbours would come to our house, asking my father what the clock was and when did the radio programme start. But father were often not at home at these moments for he was at work and he always got back home on clock.
For many times I touched my father's watch trying to wear it on my wrist. But because my wrist was too thin, the watch would slip off by itself. What impressed me most was that before my final-term exam in winter, father would sit beside my desk, reading a book and waited me to finish my reviewing work until midnight. I listened to the sound of his watch and devoted myself to my reviewing, forgetting the cold winter out of our window.
Many years later, we have a much better life than before. Almost every family can afford a watch and it is familiar to everyone. My father's watch is forgetton by us. Also, we forgot the happy time his watch brings us. The watch becomes old as well as my father. One day, my sister told me that maybe we should buy a new watch for father at his birthday. It was a great idea and we bought a new replica rolex watch for him. Father likes our gift very much but he still wears his old watch. As he understands, the watch is his good friend and who can abandon a good friend because it is old?

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