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Want Some Good Reasons To Exercise?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 39   |   Comments: 0
More and more people around the world are becoming aware of the benefits of proper strength training exercise and are finding their way into gyms and fitness centers to start on a program. Strength training is no longer just for athletes and bodybuilders. Men and women of all ages are keen to enjoy the multitude of health benefit it can provide.

It is a shame that one of the greatest myths of strength training is the fear of bulking up or developing large muscles. But, muscles like these don't just happen when you go to a gym. It is incredibly difficult for men who want to develop large muscles to do so, let alone for women who have 1/10th of the muscle building hormones of a man. It is just not going to happen for your average exerciser looking to get into better shape. Not anytime soon...not ever.

So, let's put that myth aside and look at the tremendous overall health benefits. The major benefits of a strength training program include speeding up of your metabolism (the body's engine) so you can burn fat faster and remain slim and trim. Also when you improve your strength and fitness your energy levels increase and you become more productive. This means you can get your daily tasks and activities done quicker so you have more time left over to enjoy your favorite leisure activities.

Strength training is not only about the results that you can see in the mirror although it does make you feel good if you look good. Many people have the notion that becoming stronger is only for athletes or people who want to look good at the beach. But, what about the person who would like to carry suitcases at the airport, lift the grocery bags or the grandparent who would like to be able to lift their grandchild?

Strong muscles are important to support the skeleton and hold everything securely in place protecting internal organs. The stronger those muscles are they are the better the body performs in all of its functions and the least likely it is to become injured.

Proper exercise is now a great anti aging tool that can help maintain youth enhancing growth and repair hormones that dwindle as we get older. By age 40, we produce only 10 percent of the amount that we produced in our 20s. With the right activity we can elevate the hormones that have declined with age.

So the benefits of strength training are many and great. Your muscles and bones along with all other systems of the human body will have good reason to renew themselves sweeping away old, degenerated cells and tissue when challenged to stay strong. So get started on your exercise program and enjoy the rejuvenation and rebuilding of new cells and tissue that is younger, stronger, and healthier.

Your fitness goals don't have to be lofty, in fact simple is best and it does not have to be time consuming either. Set aside 2-3 sessions each week which can easily fit into even the busiest of schedules.

Think of these sessions as a chance to let your mind rest and float; gives you a break from a stressful workday; and purges your body of the chemicals that are released when you are stressed.

If you have any doubts about needing to do this just think about how your life will be better and how you will look and feel with added energy and vitality. Think about how the right choices made today will help you live an extra 5-10 or more years and in a healthier, more enjoyable state. Think about what a great gift that would be for those that love you.

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