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Using Your High Speed Internet Connection As A Voip Phone Service

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

Voice over IP is a new technology which lets you have a conversation over the internet with someone else without actually using a traditional telephone line. This is possible by combining both the right type of equipment and service provider.

VoIP is also known as Internet protocol telephony (IP Telephony). This technology works by converting regular sound waves such as your voice (which is analog) into digital signals which in term can be compressed and sent over the internet to its destination, in this case the person you are talking to. The person on the other end percieves the re-converted signals from digital to analog. Such conversion is done via modems (Modem stands for Modulate/Demodulate) thats why a high speed internet connection is often required, if its not, then lags and delays may be noticed during the conversation.

As it is with technologies which develop rapidly (VoIP), it is imperative for you to know what this technology is about as well as the latest changes and updates concerning it. Being familiar with these details become useful when making a decision to what phone equipment and VoIP provider to select.

A VoIP service has a range of options that depends on what kind of service and equipment you choose. Among these are:

(1) being able to call only people who use the same service provider
(2) calling long distance, even international numbers and mobile phones
(3) calling from a computer using a microphone or VoIP telephone
(4) using a traditional phone that is connected to a device called an ATA (analog telephone adaptor).

Required Equipment
Since you need access to the Internet, it is obvious that securing an internet connection is required (High speed preferred). Other equipment you will need depends on the kind of VoIP service you avail of. It can be as simple as a microphone and speaker set to a VoIP-enabled telephone set. In some circumpstances, an ATA may be necessary as well.

Making calls for free
It is actually possible for you to take advantage of the VoIP benefits and not pay a dime for the service!. The most famous and widely known piece of software which lets you do this is called Skype. Users who have installed the software on their computers can make calls to people who have the same program installed in their systems. It is also possible to calls landlines and mobile phones but a fee is charged for that.

Of course the limitation lies in the fact that if the person you wish to call does not have Skype on their computer , you won't be able to make that free call. Nevertheless, this option is widely popular among people who wish to try out the technology without having to pay a subscription fee for it.

Whether you choose a free service such as PC to PC calling with Skype or subscribe to a service provider using a provider such as Vonage, touching base with someone in the neighborhood or across the globe has become not only easier but cheaper as well. All you need is to know what you want and the amount of money you're willing to invest to avail of it - there is bound to be service that will address your requirements. Once that is settled, it's just a matter of reaching out and touching someone.

If you want to know more about VoIP visit our basic guides at the VoipDocument.

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